Ollie’s wash and brush-up.

After a couple of months of long walks, frequent dips in the muddy river, and running through belly-deep mud, Ollie does get rather smelly, it has to be said. He starts to smell ‘doggy.’ This may sound obvious, as he is a dog, but we don’t really like the aroma of a hot and dirty dog around the house. This also transfers to his bed, blankets, and soft toys. The crucial time is when you can notice a dog smell in the house when entering from outside. When that happens, something has to be done. last night, I took Ollie to see the groomer at 6 pm, and collected him again at 7.15.

We used to bath Ollie in our own bath. He was a lot smaller and lighter then of course, but it was still a struggle. He didn’t like having his bath, though he did sit and let us do it. Getting him in and out was the issue, as well as all the shaking and splashing covering both us, and the walls. Then we had to try to clip his nails, clean between the pads of his paws, and inside his ears. It was always something of a mission, and a job that we would put off.

Julie then heard of a professional dog groomer who had just started up. Her prices were very reasonable, and she had some premises in Dereham, so it was convenient too. We took Ollie in for his first session, and he liked the young lady straight off. She had a good way with dogs, and a fully-equipped grooming parlour that looked reassuringly professional. We left him there for an hour or so, and when we returned to collect him, his coat was shining, and he had a wonderful clean smell. His face had also been washed, the nails clipped, and his ears done too. The groomer reported that he had behaved impeccably, and had been no trouble at all, unlike some of her other canine clients. As well as being pleased with the service, we especially liked the fact that this young lady had a real bond with Ollie, and seemed to genuinely love him too.

Not long after that, we were contacted by her, and advised that she was having to close down. The premises had been affected by a huge increase in Business Rates charged by our local Council. They wanted more than she earned every month, just to keep trading. It made no sense for her to continue to work for nothing, so she reluctantly closed her grooming parlour. Naturally, we understood her reasons, but having just found someone we liked so much to look after our dog, we wondered how we would replace her. Luckily, she contacted Julie a few weeks later. She was going back to her previous day job, but would still look after her regular customers from home, in the evenings.

I took Ollie back to her, and I was delighted to find that she had converted the family garage into a nice area for her dog grooming. Ollie was pleased to see her, and jumped up, something he rarely does. He now goes around three times a year, being washed with the special shampoo we get from the Vet, and returning home looking sleek and smelling fragrant.

Sadly, it doesn’t last too long. By the time he was back from his walk today, he was damp and muddy once again.

28 thoughts on “Ollie’s wash and brush-up.

    1. He did look good, but after just four days, he is getting a bit smelly again! The warmer weather, and the dips in the river, not a good combination.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. I was all excited by your tale of dog grooming. I expected to see a photo of a gleaming fragrant Ollie at the end of the article

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        1. Nightmare. Seems as if it wasn’t a tooth. He has just ‘exploded’ in the hallway. Diarrhoea everywhere. I managed to clean it up though. Ollie is out in the garden now, and looks a lot better. Understandably so! x


    1. One good thing about a cat, no grooming issues. (Unless they are long-haired, or a show cat of course. Tiger always looks nice and clean, he does a good job.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Dog odour in the house is most off-putting. We viewed a rather lovely house last year, but decided almost immediately it wasn’t for us as there was such an invasive smell of dog! I guess some owners get used to the smell and go nose-blind! I’m glad Ollie has found someone to beautify him 😀


    1. I am sure that we get too used to it, living with it all the time. But at least we are aware, and try to keep it to acceptable levels. I know what you mean about buying a doggy house, but at least we won’t be trying to sell this anytime soon. x

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  3. It’s a shame that the “local Council” increased business rates and put her out of business. In the end, the Council loses because revenue from lower rates is better than no revenue at all. The Council should be admonished.


    1. The local council keep domestic rates very low, (The lowest in the UK) but seem to penalise businesses. Given the local unemployment figures,they should re-think that strategy.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Indeed, I was wondering about poor Ollie and how you all were fairing with those muddy paths.. Being a dog owner myself for the entirety of my life, I’m aware of the odor that can be transmitted through out a home… Thank heavens for wonderful dog groomers…

    Take care, Laura


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