The TV saga, continued

I posted about aerial reception problems recently. Today, I had to arrange for someone to come out and sort out the problem.

The first contact number answered. He was a ‘busy man’, he told me. Too busy to come and look at the problem. Instead, he would quote a price then and there, based on the problem that had I diagnosed over the ‘phone. Of course, I am not a TV aerial expert, otherwise I would not be calling him in the first place. He was busy, he told me once again. If I didn’t accept his quote now, I might wait for two weeks. If I did agree, he could do the job tomorrow, strangely enough. He had a ‘window on Tuesday’, apparently.

I called someone else.

The someone else came round fifteen minutes later. He agreed that it might not be a big job, but checked my signal with a meter in front of me, and found it lacking. After looking at the problem, he agreed to try moving the aerial, and replacing the cable. That might work, it might not. But he was a nice guy, customer focused, and offering a free estimate in his own time. The final price was around half of the first quote, which was for a job unseen.

So he is coming tomorrow. He will try his best, by doing what he agreed was the best option for a first attempt. That’s my kind of customer service. Even if I cannot see any TV tonight, I might get some tomorrow.

If not, then I can at least be sure that I haven’t been ripped off.

28 thoughts on “The TV saga, continued

  1. So many cowboys out there Pete, we got stitched up like a kipper when we got our patio done, even though we’d used check-a-trade. Learned a harsh lesson, but won’t get fooled gain! (Fingers xt 🙄!) Glad you found a good one, fingers crossed you have brilliant reception!

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      1. My crime; your pun-ishment. Actually, I’ve never cared for that particular Disney film, which is nothing like the Hans Christian Andersen classic (which I’ve read in French). My favorite Disney film is “The Emperor’s New Groove.” But any film suffers from too many repeat viewings. As for Ariel, I have a frying pan I can lend you. Do you prefer lemon or tartar sauce?

        Having once been in the employ of the London Ambulance Service, I can see why you’ve had your fill of sirens….

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