Guest post: The Irish Ceili

I am pleased to present my second guest post, from the talented blogger, writer, and poet, Kate McClelland. She has kindly sent me one of her own favourite poems to feature here. If you are inspired to see more of Kate’s work, here is a link to her blog.

The Irish Ceili
By Kate McClelland

The lilting musical accents from the Irish Ceili

Floated over the breeze, across the field

Between the trees and through my window

To insinuate themselves upon my ears

A lulling sound of musical voices

Telling tales of their youth

And of times before real history

The laughs, the tears, the craic

All flowed together like the grape and rye and food consumed

There were fond farewells to friends and family lost

And new friends and family made by dusk

The rhythmic converse was like

The murmurings of the faerie kind

Just out of reach for the words to actually be heard

Light giggles, deep belly laughs, dancing joyfully

And as the creamy silent moon went down,

The voices became that of church attendees

More solemn and quiet – lost on the air,

People gradually dispersing like seeds on the wind

As the Sun came up, a glistening yoke-yellow

Nothing could be seen of the night revellers

No glass. Or plate. Or chair to be seen

And I’m beginning to think – was it a dream?

© Kate McClelland 2015


28 thoughts on “Guest post: The Irish Ceili

        1. Hello Pete. Thank you so much for that. I looked up the spelling as I knew the word but had never seen it written down. My eyesight must be worse than I thought! I’m glad it was picked up. Thanks again Pete. Kate x


        1. Hahaha It’s my eyes, I always have trouble with words that have ‘i’s and ‘l’ next to each other (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) :0) My older relatives were half Irish, so we always had a Céilí at least once a year. All the older relatives could play at least one instrument and no-one able bodied was allowed to sit down if the music was going.

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  1. Kate, such a lovely poem and I found myself smiling and happy while reading your crafted words. I love how poems such as yours takes on a life of their own and you float across the written words.. Bravo my dear…

    Take care, Laura


    1. Hello Laura, Apologies for the delay in replying to your lovely comments. (I’ve not been able to look at a screen the last couple of days – optical migraine) That is such a sweet thing to say. I’m so glad it made you smile, thank you, Kate x

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      1. Kate, no worries as I know we all have lives outside of our blogs, and sometimes life gets in the way of things we want to do on a regular basis.. I hope you’re feeling much better because optical migraines are the worst.. any light what so ever is so painful…

        Take care of yourself my dear, Laura ~

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    1. Thanks you so much, very kind of you to say. Celli – my family pronounce it as ‘Kaylee’. There used to be one at least once a year which everyone would go to, bringing chairs and tables with them so everyone had a seat and a table to put their drinks and food on.


  2. So it’s happening now? Did you know that I lost a blog post early this morning which I was supposed to share with you? I forgot to save the draft before clicking copy and the WordPress app must have misinterpreted it as delete. All that was left was a line, not even a complete sentence. I feel sad, it was a five-hundred word post.


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