Hosting some Posting

Regular readers will know that I rarely re-blog posts from other sites. I occasionally add links to good ones, and have mentioned many other blogging sites in a series last year.

I had a thought this morning, when I was considering how many people think about blogging, but never get started. There are also others who start a blog, then lose heart with it, and stop posting.

So, I have an offer, open to anyone, wherever you are. With no catches!

Would you like to write a guest post on either of my blogs? It could be about anything you like, within reason. It should not contain anything deliberately offensive, or be obviously bigoted against any specific group or gender. As I would have to add any photos or images to my dwindling allowance, please keep them to a minimum too, or leave them to my discretion. I would not edit it, unless for the reasons stated above, and if you have a site or blog of your own, that would be linked to as well. You would get credit for the post, naturally, and you could add your own replies to any comments.

There you go. A genuine offer, and a chance for you to try out posting, blogging, and writing. My blogs have over 800 followers, and are read in some fifty different countries. (Though mostly in the USA and the UK.) All posts are also shared on Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin.

If you are interested, send me submissions to and they will all be considered.

29 thoughts on “Hosting some Posting

  1. I would love to do a guest post on your blog Pete! It would be great getting out of the movie circle a bit too and writing about something completely different. How long will you be doing this for? I’m thinking of something already!

    xxx (and the extras I missed! xxx)


    1. As long as it takes, Em. There’s no deadline. It can be about films if you want, or feel free to ‘expound your boundaries’! (Ooh, Matron…) I’m already excited that you are thinking of something. XXX

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  2. Hmm….that’s a good thing to new bloggers Pete. I hope they would take the opportunity of having their posts published here. You have so many comments and regular followers too, that’s an advantage. Can you promote my site here? (Yep, I am not joking…good morning πŸ™‚


    1. I will always be happy to add a link to your sites, Arlene. The next time I post an article about fellow bloggers, I will do just that. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to send me a ‘guest post’?
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. What a great idea you have here, Pete. I’d put myself in, if I had the time. I used to do a post for Greatest Generations Lessons once a month, but it became too much with my own research going on. (or should I say, never ending….)
    Best of luck with this!!


  4. Pete, I would think a story about weather, travel, or pets would make for a good guest post. There are tons of short story web sites out there, but if a short story is informative about the culture or lifestyle of the country from which your reader hails, that might work as well.


  5. This is a very good opportunity for future bloggers to have a go, Pete. It’ll be interesting to watch the outcome of this invitation, a good idea! πŸ™‚
    It’s till raining in Cley, but things start to look a bit brighter. I’m very cross with our app “will it rain today?” It said NO for our area today …
    Best wishes from the coast to you and Ollie,
    Dina & co x


    1. I don’t have weather apps, Dina. I just look out of the window! Let’s hope that someone takes up the offer. It will be intriguing to see if nobody at all is interested too of course.


      1. On June 30th, the two weather web sites I regularly consult listed Las Vegas as currently sunny. But the actual weather outside the living room window was a totally different story: rain was pouring down in buckets, and blueberry-sized hailstones were pounding the patio. But we knew it was going to happen because clouds had rolled in, the wind had picked up, the air had cooled down, and it “smelled” like rain. Sometimes you wonder how the idiots at the weather centers keep their jobs.


        1. I say something like that almost every day, David. Once they get one idea into their heads, they refuse to alter their forecast, even if they can see the rain hitting the studio windows!
          Best wishes, Pete.


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