Films and Cinema : A new article

It has been a while since I last submitted an article for publication elsewhere. This weekend, I sent a piece on films about prisoners of war to James at I am very pleased to report that he has published it this morning. If any of you would like to read it, or to just discover an excellent website on film and cinema, please follow this link.

Six great Prisoner of War films you might not have seen

If you feel inclined to comment, please do so on that site, as I will reply to them all there.

Thanks in advance, and best wishes to everyone. Pete.

19 thoughts on “Films and Cinema : A new article

  1. Thanks so much, Pete. I hadn’t watched any of them although I’ve watched some of the classics and better known ones you mention in the introduction. Thanks and I’m taking notes (I’ve left you a comment there)


    1. Thanks, Olga. I know that life is too short to see every film, or read every book. But if you ever come across any of those featured, they are worth your time.
      Very best wishes, Pete.


  2. I haven’t seen any of those films, but I love “The Great Escape,” not only for its great cast, great plot (based on a true story), and great motorcycle action, but also for its great soundtrack (I have Elmer Bernstein’s music on CD). “The Great Escape” is a great movie!


    1. That escape shown in the film from from the same camp featured in ‘The Wooden Horse’, David. If you liked that film so much, you might find the others a little tame by comparison though.
      (Please feel free to add the same comment over at Curnblog, when you have time.)
      Very best wishes, Pete.


    1. At least the sun was out, Em. All OK here at the moment. If you check back, you will see that I am also offering the opportunity of guest posts. If you know anyone who would like to consider this, please let them know.
      Thanks in advance for checking out Curnblog. XXX

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