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I have had quite a busy time of it on my blogs lately. Despite not posting any photos for a long time now (blame the weather) the daily views and comments have been remaining very consistent. I had a little think about the blogs today, and came up with a few things to post about.

Followers. In less than a month, I am pleased to report fifteen new followers. Almost all of these have been ‘real’ followers too; by this I mean that they interact, leave likes and comments, and even reply to other comments on occasion.

Redflagflying. My ‘other blog’ is enjoying something of a renaissance, just when I felt inclined to put it into suspended animation along with Ripley, until the next film in the ‘Alien’ franchise. A few new followers, and an increase in comments were both welcomed by me. More importantly, it has enjoyed a whole month of being viewed every day, instead of once or twice a week. It was also nice to see an increased ‘crossover’ between both blogs too.

Film and Cinema. After requests to post more on this subject, I managed four new posts, and an article on too. They were well-received, but interestingly enough my posts on the weather (and Ollie) still beat them. I will carry on trying to add more posts in this category, and I may even continue the short series ‘Unforgettable films’, which might develop into a not so short series in time.

Fiction. After a burst of posting short stories, this has dried up of late. I have some ideas and drafts but I am not happy with them, so it may be a while until you see more.

Twitter. After my post about Twitter, I got lots more followers on that social media platform. As well as some blog followers adding me, I got a respectable number of new people following too. I need to get to grips with it though. Maybe one day.

Guest posts. I was very grateful to receive two excellent guest posts to feature on my blog. I have been promised some more, but they have yet to materialise. I can’t deny I would have liked to have seen some more offered for showcasing, especially from new bloggers starting out. Nonetheless, I was pleased to get the idea from a fellow blogger, and happy with what turned out.

So that’s just a short roundup of the past month. In case you thought that I had forgotten to mention the weather, I am blogging away so as not to have to think about how uncomfortably hot it is in the house. Despite a recent rather pathetic thunderstorm, it is airless and oppressive.

My best wishes and sincere thanks to all of those I follow, and to all my followers too. Pete.

35 thoughts on “Notes on a blog

  1. I’m working backwards catching up with posts. The guest blogger thing seems to be working Pete. I liked the terrorist one but had to bite my lip, not because of its content but rather I didn’t want to go off into one and write a 10:000 word essay on what we’ve seen/faced in London.


  2. There are not many blogs out there that cover so many subjects and there are even fewer that are so well written. You also take the time to reply and comment, which is less common that you might imagine.


    1. Cheers, Eddy. I never understand why some people follow blogs but never comment, then can’t be arsed to reply to comments on their own blogs. Perhaps their blogs are just too big, or they are too busy?
      Regards to all in sunny Poland, Pete.


  3. Pete, isn’t that always the case… Just when you want to trim down, traffic on your sites take a leap and a long jump adding to the traffic. I’m happy to hear about more on Ollie as this lovely, cute pup is just adorable and it’s always a joy to see him in his environment. Take care, Laura


  4. I’m so glad everything is really coming together for you. You are a fun blogger to follow and interact with – it’s about time other people noticed!!
    You know I wish you the very best for the future__ GP Cox


  5. I wonder if maybe renewed interest in Redflagflying can be attributed to the Brexit? I always enjoy your short stories, and really like your “Unforgettable Films” series. I’m glad to hear Cindy Bruchman got a bit of monsoon season in her neck of the cactus. It didn’t quite make it our way. Las Vegas is baking these days, and I’m beginning to tire of the oppressive sun. We don’t run the A/C much—just during the temperature peak in the afternoon. After that, we open the windows, unless the wind itself is hot. As for guest posts, I would have gladly contributed something, but you did stipulate that you wanted new bloggers. Of course, I don’t post stories on my blog, so maybe I could have snuck my way in….


    1. I am sorry if I didn’t make it clear that the host post is open to anyone, David, not just new bloggers. Feel free to send me something, and I will be more than happy to promote your blog! I would be very pleased if you sent me a guest post on any subject you like. You already have my email address
      As for RFF, I am sure that Brexit got more people interested, even if most of them voted ‘Remain.’
      Best wishes, Pete.


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