Guest Post : Not Terror Related

This is a guest post that I received from Ed Westen, in America. I keep urging him to write a general blog, in addition to his excellent ideas about how to change the monetary system.

Not Terror Related

I got to thinking about what to put in a blog. If I were doing one, this would be today’s entry:

I have noticed a trend in murder reporting. Reporters and anchors affix the words “not terror related” to some tragic events. Listening closely, it is as if they are saying, “This man/woman/child was not killed by terrorists so it is OK.” What they seem to miss is if a member of a gang committed the atrocity, it is terror related. Terror is the whole basis of gang membership. What they seem to miss if it is a domestic murder, more than likely it is an abusive spouse. Abusive spouses are terrorists to their family. Indeed, even road rage murders are terrorist events.

Yes, there are groups that advocate terror as a way to advance their ideology or cause. Historically such groups advocating terrorism such as the IRA and Israeli Revolutionaries just to name a couple, have been active. Generally, groups we have experienced in history limited targets (victims) geographically to a country. The only difference between our historical experiences and the current ones is that the current ones seem to call for striking out at everyone that isn’t fully committed to their cause. In other words, the whole world.

Yes, we have struggled to deal with terrorists historically and today. I would suggest that if we view terrorists as a criminal conspiracy and set up a police force with which to deal with their criminal conspiracies, we might have a chance of dealing them a fatal blow. Such a police force would need units in every country in the world. Such a force would need an extensive online presence. Such a police force would need access to military assets on a demand basis. A police force would have a lower daily profile than do military strikes with personnel or with drones, although the latter would be utilized when pockets of terrorists warrant. So, there is some similarity to the present use of force. However, a police force would be more flexible in finding and dealing with the terrorists’ outreach on the internet. Such a force could remove some of the recruitment power of extensive strikes that murder civilians (the correct term is collateral damage. The correct term in this case, will be our downfall). Such a force will involve infiltration of the terrorist groups by operatives. Similar to undercover operations made popular by television in programs such as “I Led Three Lives,” “The Mod Squad,” and “Donny Brasco,” such infiltrations will be key to eventually minimizing the group’s leadership and outreach.

While we still have the mob and we still have vestiges of most criminal groups, police functions have served us well. Yes, we have a long way to go with gang eradication; however, policing is a more flexible method of attacking such criminal conspiracies than is a military force.
So, for being OK, no murder is.

Ed Westen. 2016.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post : Not Terror Related

  1. One thing is for sure, I get sick and tired of the “our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, loved ones, etc.” statements that politicians regurgitate after every terrorist attack. Rather than satisfying themselves (but not the public) with a verbal reaction and after-the-fact investigation, they should be doing something to prevent tragedies from happening in the first place.


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