More from the archives.

I was encouraged by the response to my recent post linking to old ones from the beetleypete archives. I did take on board that some thought it best to leave the past where it belongs, but newer readers and followers did seem to get something from it, so here I go again.

Three years ago, I published one of my personal favourites on this blog. It attracted a lot of comments and quite a few views, but many of those following since 2013 will never have seen it. Imagine you could journey back in a time machine, where would you choose to go? Please add your thoughts in the comments, after reading the ‘rules’.

Another nostalgia piece that I have linked to before. It sums up my disappointment at the lack of real progress, compared to what we were told would happen all those years ago. Did you ever expect to be holidaying on the Moon? I know I did.

When I started this blog, it was never intended to be much more than an episodic diary about my life here in Norfolk. Then I started to branch out, including music as a category. To illustrate my own varied tastes in music, I published this playlist, back in 2013. I imagined that I was making up a CD of many of my favourites. What would your choices be?

In October 2012, not long after I started out, I decided to add some photos to the blog. Like many others new to blogging, I had no idea how to actually do that, so sat down thinking it would be very straightforward. I was wrong. I spent hours attempting to drag and drop them onto a post, with no success. I sent out an appeal via wordpress forums, asking for someone to post me an idiot’s guide to adding them. I had no idea that photos had to be added to the media library first, before they could then be inserted into a post. When the penny finally dropped, I felt suitably stupid, and just added two pictures. One is of a dead pheasant, still attached to the front of a car. The other is one of Ollie enjoying a cool-off in the sea. In terms of hours of effort compared to return, it isn’t much, I grant you.

There you have it. Four more old posts from my overstuffed archives that a few of you have already seen. For the newer readers and followers, I hope that you discover something different to enjoy.


9 thoughts on “More from the archives.

  1. Pete, I left comments on the time-related posts, skipped the playlist (for now), and noticed I’d already commented on the “shopping for poultry” post. Your descriptions of a day at the “Flavian Amphitheatre” were great. I can see a lot of research went into it.
    I visited the Colosseum in 1970 as part of my family’s first whirlwind overseas trip (Frankfort, Athens, Rome, Paris). I thought it was quite impressive, though I gave top billing to the Parthenon. I was 16 years old at the time. Unfortunately, though my parents did allow us to explore the Acropolis, they did not bother with the Roman Forum. A few years later, during my junior year abroad program in Nice, France, I took the train to Naples, rented a car, and visited Herculaneum and Pompeii (also Capri, Vesuvius, and Solfatara).
    With respect to Rome, at least we took time to step inside the Pantheon and tour the Vatican and its art museum (at the time, I would never have dreamt that I’d one day write a book like “Pope on the Dole”). I would love to return to Rome and Athens one day, but also to other sites that gave rise to civilizations of antiquity. Still, as I noted on of those early posts of yours, I’m also drawn to the future….


    1. Thanks, David. You might be interested to know that the post about Rome was written off the cuff. The only research was into the actual date that it opened. As for the rest, decades of reading books about the Roman games left all those details etched into my brain. I typed that whole piece up in about thirty minutes, then did some proof reading. I had to look up the date on Wikipedia… One of many.

      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I used to travel back through archives of bloggers I decided to follow but I haven’t done that for a long time, actually I haven’t followed many new blogs either. I like to comment on blogs and having too many makes that difficult. But dipping into the archives can be very rewarding. I think your idea of throwing out a few is a good one.


      1. I’m honoured you remembered that (I think…) I did reblog some of my earliest travel posts as they didn’t get much attention at the time. Looking back at older posts on the flower blog, I may actually delete some of them as my photography has definitely improved!


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