Film fraud

Back on the subject of film and cinema, something I have been thinking a lot about recently. This is mainly because I watch a lot less films than I used to, and nowhere near as many as I would like to.

As I do not currently subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any such service, and I do not even have my TV connected to the Internet, I don’t keep up with the trends as fast as my fellow bloggers. I have thought seriously about watching films on my PC, but discounted this as being too uncomfortable; stuck on an office chair in a small room, sitting in front of a monitor for two hours.

Besides, it wouldn’t be fair on my wife Julie to connect the only TV to the Internet and watch films, as many of the things I would want to watch are not what she would enjoy. Going to the cinema in rural Norfolk is too much of a mission to consider. Our local cinema in Dereham only shows very mainstream and family films, so I would have to make a 40 mile round trip to Norwich, involving car parks and buses, to see the sort of films I like.

So I continue to buy films on DVD now and again, adding to the stack of unwatched films still in their wrappers on the shelf behind me. I can comfortably only watch them when I am alone, so during the day. What with blogging, dog-walking, and necessary household tasks, fitting in a two-hour film-watching period to the daily routine is just not practical at the moment.

I am left with the realisation that I am an avid film fan who hardly ever watches a film. I am a contradiction in terms, pontificating on a subject that I have little right to bang on about. I have to reserve my opinions to films I have seen on TV, generally two to three years after everyone else has seen them, and written about them. Failing that, I review the odd DVD that I get time to watch, or write reams of nostalgia pieces about the films I watched years ago.

Let’s face it, I’m something of a fraud, at least where modern films are concerned.

I think an apology is due. Sorry about that.

22 thoughts on “Film fraud

    1. That’s an interesting one, Richard. I have seen some films many times myself, but as for only watching the same few films time and again, I had to think of something medical-sounding. I would call that person a Film Repetition Compulsive.
      Best wishes, and thanks for the comment. Pete.


  1. Pete, I would also love to get paid to sit and watch films in between gardening, cleaning, walking my pup etc.. I’m not connected either to any of the mainstream gadgets, so during the summertime there’s nothing on the t.v. I think you do a fine job enlightening us all about the films you’ve watched so in my books, you’re not a fraud…Loved this post… and I agree it’s hard trying to watch something I’ve found on YouTube i.e a movie …

    Take care, Laura


  2. I find modern films lack imagination. IMO, that’s why we see so many sequel films and re-makes. (and I’m usually disappointed, preferring the original).
    Have a great day, Pete.


  3. Nostalgia pieces are often the best pieces. It’s interesting to see a commentary on the latest films, but I also think it’s very important to go back and revisit older classics, or your opinion of them. That’s the beauty of the art after all, because you may watch a film ten years ago, and then have a completely different view or experience if you watched it today (that’s an interesting idea for a post, actually? We could collab on it!) … I would argue that the more interesting posts are the hindsight posts, or a study on how thoughts have changed some time after the original viewing or release.


    1. Thanks for both comments, FC. I am always happy to remember older films, or to write about those that I have seen over the last fifty-odd years. I just keep thinking that I see so few these days, I feel more than a little out of touch. Happy to join you on a post one day.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I occasionally watch films on Star Movies channel on cable but that’s about it, I am afraid I am not familiar with what is showing in cinemas nowadays. My son loves watching DVDs, but I could not bring myself to sit for two hours glued to the screen.


  5. Remember, it’s NOT about watching films all the time….a collector “collects” so that, when they DO have the time to watch, it’s their choice! Everything you own WILL be pulled out of cellophane at some point!


  6. Oh The Vikings! One of my fave series! I know you read Vinnieh’s posts, and he often reviews older movies, so I don’t think it’s necessary to be current at all. I have a smart TV but am not smart enough to use it πŸ™„ as its intended, so stick to movies on Sky and Blurays or DVD’s. I prefer to read reviews of movies I’ve seen rather than new stuff I’m never certain to watch, as at least I can relate to the post! So carry on with being a fraud, works for me 😊


  7. Pete, I respectfully disagree with your “fraud” analysis. But maybe that’s because I’m in the same boat. Or maybe a similar boat, as mine is truly lost at sea. I have a ton of DVDs, but I haven’t watched a film in over a year now because I don’t like the flat screen setup downstairs, and the DVD drive in my computer upstairs doesn’t work properly anymore (I probably just need to clean it). Also, despite the fact that I generously describe myself as a “film aficionado” (an exaggeration compared to dyed-in-the-wool film watchers/reviewers), my priorities have changed now that I’ve effectively retired. I just feel my time is better spent writing than watching. So, rather than seeking passive cinematic entertainment, I’m focusing on creative endeavors in the form of fiction, lyrics, and the occasional limerick. Nevertheless, I do miss watching films. And I certainly enjoy reading your reviews, even if the film being analyzed is from the last century.

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    1. Thanks, David. I intend to change ‘boats’ at the earliest opportunity, and at least catch up with my ever-growing pile of purchased films. It’s just that as far as most film websites and blogs go, I feel unable to comment on the years of films that I have never seen, so feel a little fraudulent at times.
      We can always dissect ‘The Vikings’ scene by scene…
      Best wishes, Pete.


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