Beetley Common

I took Ollie over to Beetley Common for a change today. It is very close to the house, but because of the lanes with no paths, and having to cross a fast road, I drove the short distance. As you can see from the sign, it is a reminder that I really do live in the countryside. There are warnings about carrying firearms, and to look out for snakes (Adders) too.

All photos are large files, and can be clicked on for detail.

Unlike many open commons in England, our local one is more of a woodland area. It is surrounded by farmland, and on one side, borders the fishing club which is based in the former gravel pits.

The small river that runs through the common is just deep enough to allow Ollie to cool off, and get a drink too.

Much of the area is overgrown with bracken, but near the centre they have made a clearing. Ollie stopped for a rest in the shade. The long stick resting against the tree behind is my dog-walking stick!

Once you arrive at the fishing club, you will see a locked gate, and signs warning off non-members as well as their dogs!

It is a pleasant spot for fishing indeed, and this is just one of the chain of man-made lakes that border the disused railway on the other side.

Walking back to the car, I was once again reminded of our rural location. The flock of sheep in this field is very small, and just visible on the far side.


23 thoughts on “Beetley Common

  1. So, YOU have got all the sunshine! We have adders on the sand dunes apparently (the OH overheard a chap talking about them whilst waiting for me when I went hunting orchids. Good job I didn’t know, but then I wouldn’t mind getting a photo of one. I suspect they are bit too quick for me though)


    1. Since I moved here, I have seen three adders. Those were on days where the sun was hot and bright, and the snakes were obvious, out in the open on the main path across Beetley Meadows. I put Ollie on a lead and walked past. The snakes were not interested in us at all on any of these occasions, but could have been captured on camera, with an appropriate zoom lens! x

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  2. Ah my fellow weather reporter, am glad you had a sunny one, love the photo’s, especially of the lake. It was windy here too but also still cool,grey and dull excepting a 2 hr sunny/cloudy spell this morning. Think we may have some sun on Friday if the forecast is to be believed.


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