A new WordPress ‘glitch’.

Since this morning, my list of followed blogs at the bottom right of my blog has been all wrong. Despite including a few of the blogs that I actively follow, it has also added many that I have never heard of, and never followed. This keeps changing too, depending on which post I view, or when I log off, then back on. In fact, on this very post, it is once again accurate, but wrong on others that I view.

Not a huge thing, I know, but I wouldn’t like anyone to check out a blog because they think I follow it, only to discover that it is inappropriate, or just plain crazy. So for the time being, please ignore the list on my blog, and let’s hope that WordPress solves the issue soon. It may well be just happening to me, but it might be worth checking out your own lists of followed blogs (if you have one) just in case.

Best wishes to everyone. Pete.


15 thoughts on “A new WordPress ‘glitch’.

  1. Pete, this is an interesting thing to be happening to you and possibly others too. My new theme didn’t already come with the list of followers and I’ve decided not to add any widgets to my blog face. I sort of love the plain and simple approach the blog offers ~ sort of like me plain and simple…

    Take care, Laura


  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep a watch out… I’ve had a few bumps in the road with this software myself… overall, pretty dependable, but unfortunately all software has bugs.. some that bite you and some that don’t ~ at least that you know of! 🙂


  3. I’m having the problem that when I see a post in the Reader, instead of going to the post when I click on ‘visit site’ it takes me into that summarised view! I guess the WP elves are playing – AGAIN!


  4. How random and totally weird… However, WP, with all its fantastic qualities, suffers from an overload of well meaning volunteers, as one of their ‘Hapiness Engineers’ explained to me. The concept of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is unknown to them, and in their effort of constant improvement, sometimes things don’t go according to plan😊


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