Stats and Glitches

The ‘Blogs I follow’ glitch reported yesterday seems to have been fixed, at least for now. The current list shown is of those I follow, although it doesn’t list them all of course.

Checking back during the evening to see if that had been sorted, I noticed that I was getting those WordPress notifications for lots of views. This sort of thing, with a large arrow graphic.
“Your blog, beetleypete, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!” When I got this message twice in quick succession, I went to the stats page to check. Sure enough, the numbers were very high. In fact, the second highest since starting the blog, in 2012.

I was intrigued, so investigated further. Someone in Indonesia had read more than 200 posts! Of course I was curious, so had a look at their blog, which was in the Indonesian language. Using Google Translate didn’t help that much, to be honest. Overall, I got the impression of a spiritual and religious blog, not really my thing, and nothing at all like this one.

Thinking about it later, I was once again fascinated by this world of Blogging. Someone on the other side of the world, at a totally different time of day, was reading all about my life in Norfolk. As well as Films, Music, dog-walking, and all the other stuff that tumbles from my mind onto the page.

Where else could that ever happen, if not for Blogging?


11 thoughts on “Stats and Glitches

  1. I checked my thermos stats. I have three thermoses in the garage (one pink; two blue), and four in the kitchen cupboard (gray with different colored rubber bands around them for differentiation). These thermoses are good for hikes and picnics! Two of them resemble the Petronas Towers, but, of course, those are in Malaysia, not Indonesia. But maybe these comments are not pertinent to your post. There may be a glitch in my mental processing….

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  2. Pete, what a lovely and interesting surprise that must have been for you. You certainly do deserve many more folks to have a look at your blog, because I just know they would totally enjoy it as much as I have and always look forward to what you’re going to write about next.. Bravo… and Congrats..

    Take care, Laura


      1. When I started blogging, I didn’t have a clue who would look at my work. But as I continued, I saw the vast amount of people who read my stuff. It fills me with deep happiness that my work is read by so many people.


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