Followed blogs: The glitch returns

I have recently published two posts about a WordPress glitch on my own blog. They concerned the sidebar section relating to ‘Blogs I follow’. After a couple of days when this showed blogs that I had never heard of, and therefore could not comfortably recommend, it appeared to return to normal.

Then yesterday, I published a post about DVD films. When I looked at it, sure enough, the glitch had reappeared. I tried logging off and on again. I tried to keep reloading the page. Nothing worked, and this jumbled selection kept showing up, appearing to include even more random blogs, some in a foreign language. As I had no idea why this was happening, I decided to delete the widget that shows other blogs I follow.

I just want to let everyone know the reason for this, and to assure you that I am still following your blogs as normal, and that it was nothing personal.

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.


20 thoughts on “Followed blogs: The glitch returns

  1. I don’t post the Gravatar (photos of those following me/I follow) but I add those blogs I like most to my blogroll, adding them up as link and only the blog title appears. I hope, the problem is solved now Pete. Been away from WP for almost a week.


  2. Actually, since you mentioned that the widget was a long way down, I scrolled down to have a look (before I read that you had deleted it) and it occurs to me that you might do better to move your Follow widget above the archives (your archive list is very long) or change the archive to display as a drop-down box rather than a list. Just a thought 🙂


  3. As I write this, I see your normal followers sidebar. I personally don’t concern myself much with the statistics. I just enjoy reading your comments. Sometimes Eddy Winko comments as well. That’s enough reward for me.


    1. Thanks, David. As you know, I always enjoy your limericks, and am happy to comment too. The ‘blogs I follow’ list was previously below the small square photos. I doubt that many readers got down that far, but it is now deleted anyway.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. When I first started with WP, glitches gave me a headache and I couldn’t get any help from the Support. But my last 2 glitches were handled quite promptly and the Support team very helpful. Nest glitch – give them a try.
    Have a great day,
    GP Cox

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  5. Pete, I was just pondering a thought here…As the sun rises on this chilly morning…A widget sounds to me like a rusty gadget always in need of fixing.. 🙂 No wonder it’s acting outta wack….Just pondering…..

    Have a great afternoon, take care

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