The Anniversary Waltz

Today is our wedding anniversary. It is our seventh, to be precise. Although Julie and I have been together for a whisker away from sixteen years, we have only been married for seven of those.

Back in 2009, we had a lovely wedding. The weather was just right, the guests all arrived, and everything went off so smoothly, it seemed almost too good to be true. No stresses or strains, no dramas, and we managed to enjoy an exceedingly happy day. When more guests arrived during the evening, we continued to enjoy ourselves, finally rounding off the event with drinks on the hotel terrace.

Over the years since, our lives have changed a lot. There have been some ups and downs, and a few family issues too. When you also inherit four step-children, these things are to be expected. The biggest change has been the move from London to Norfolk, including my retirement from work. But we managed to adapt, find some new friends, and interesting things to do too. All being well, our married life should continue to be as pleasant as that wedding day seven years ago.

The weather is not playing today. Unlike the same date in 2009, today we have torrential rain. Grey skies, and a relentless downpour. Something that had become unfamiliar, during the hot and sunny days of August. I can be guaranteed an unpleasant walk with Ollie today, that’s for sure. This will be balanced out by our celebration this evening, when we will be going to a country restaurant for our anniversary meal. We may not be dancing that waltz, but I have no doubt it will still be a special occasion.


46 thoughts on “The Anniversary Waltz

          1. Giggling I’m glad I caught it, before you caught it .. Sounds like fishing .. I’m a really good fisher woman back in the day.. catch em, clean em, fry em, and eat em… yum… πŸ™‚

            Take care and rest up….


  1. Happy Anniversary, Julie and Pete! Long may you continue to weather the storms! It’s torrential here as well and making today at Bestival (IoW jamboree) a squidgy nightmare for all, including my eldest niece who’s helping out on the technical side.


    1. Thanks, GP. It is my third marriage, and Julie’s second. As for the similarities in the years, I reckon that age teaches us to wait for nine years, just to be sure!
      (Not the first time we have noted parallels in our situations…)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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