An Email Exchange with my Daughter

My blogging friend Ed Westen has a new blog. It is very different from his other one, and makes for very enjoyable reading. To give you a flavour, I recommend this post for starters.


Good Morning Ted and Jody

 I got an email from Ann Marie in Iceland this morning.  It has been a couple of weeks. But she is my one contact with my family whom I can rely upon to write now and then.  Here is her letter and my reply.

Warmest regards, Ed

Good morning, Dad!

Yowzers!!  I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!  My mind is a maelstrom right now with the pick up of school for me and Alexander. It’s been way too long since I wrote you. How are things? How are you feeling?

Aunt Carol is doing ok. She still has a gaping wound because they want her to heal from the inside out and is waiting to get the second surgery in about 3 weeks or so. Still, her insurance is trying to push her out of rehab early, but feisty Uncle Rick is…

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