Ollie: A dog’s likes and dislikes

Like most animals, including us humans, Ollie has his likes and dislikes. In his case, they are mostly likes. His list of likes goes something like this.


Going for walks.
Marking territory.
Lady dogs.
All other dogs.
People with dogs.
A treat after dinner.
A dog biscuit late at night.
Fresh cold water in his bowl.
Getting in the river, whatever the weather.
Chasing ducks.
Chasing rabbits.
Chasing deer.
The cat from next door, Alfie.
Riding in ‘his’ car.
Guests coming to the house.

Not unlike a child, he can sometimes be fickle. He will suddenly refuse to eat something that he has always previously enjoyed. He will neglect a favourite toy for no good reason, and after always being happy to fetch a ball thrown in the house, he will just stop bothering to go after it. His list of dislikes is not so long, but I was reminded of some of them during today’s walk.


Traffic going past.
Being on his lead.
Noisy motorcycles.
Most cats except Alfie. (See above)
Me reading a magazine or book.
A small lady who walks around the meadow. She is scared of dogs, and he must sense it, as he always growls at her, and has to be told off.
Her walking companion, a man with a stick.
A lady with very bright red hair.
A very old man who tries to pat him.

During today’s walk in lovely sunshine, I was unlucky enough to encounter three of the above. The small lady who is scared, her companion with the stick, and the very old man who tries to pat him. Sure enough, Ollie growled at them all, and had to be reprimanded.

I suppose that I should be grateful that the lady with very bright red hair stayed at home.

26 thoughts on “Ollie: A dog’s likes and dislikes

    1. Sounds awful, and could have been very dangerous for you, as well as the dog. I presume you were both OK, but that would have shaken me up, no doubt. Pit Bulls are technically illegal here, but many people keep them.
      Regards, Pete.


  1. My great grandmother had a stick and the dog I grew up with didn’t like her at all, but that was because she used to poke him with it. We couldn’t stop this entirely because she had dementia, so eventually he learnt that the best place to hide from her was under her chair where she couldn’t see him. She’d have been horrified had she known!

    His other pet hate was dalmations, because one had attacked him once. Also anything that went bang – from Christmas crackers, through pistol caps to fireworks. Then there was the cat two doors down, who was capable of seeing off even the largest dogs!

    Foodwise, his great love was cucumber, of all things!

    Ollie will have his reasons for disliking the people you mention, I am sure. Perhaps the companion of the lady who is scared sends out ‘I’m here to protect her’ signals or something – either consciously or unconsciously. Dogs are extremely good at reading such signals.

    I nearly always stop my scooter when a dog passes by, just in case they have a problem with it. The vast majority are completely unconcerned. They either want to say ‘hello’ to me or they wander past as if I don’t exist. A few are scared, but generally relax when they realise I’m quite safe to be around. Then there was the one that wanted a ride in the basket because he was used to doing this with one of his humans! The point for me is that my being stationary is likely to be easier on both dog and owner if the dog isn’t used to scooters and is at all nervy. It does mean I’m more likely to get slobbered or smeared with mud than I would if I continued on my way, but, hey, that’s all part of the fun 😉


    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this one, Ros. There is a local man with a mobility scooter, and that doesn’t appear to worry Ollie unduly. But he can spot those people he doesn’t like from a long way off, so they are definitely giving off some sort of aura. Perhaps they are aliens! That would at least be exciting.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Lovely post, Pete. 🙂 I had to smile all the way, although I know I’d be slightly upset with my dog telling others off, but he must have his reasons … Such a pity that he can’t tell us …
    Big pat for Ollie and lots of love
    from the four of us in VERY warm Cley, phew
    Dina & co x


    1. It is strange. Of all the people he comes across, it is just those mentioned he growls at. He is sensing something, that’s for sure. They are all very friendly people, which makes it even harder to explain.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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