The BBC comedy sketch series ‘The Fast Show’ ran from 1994 to 1997. It made big stars of some members of the cast, and some went on to become household names in Britain. These include Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, and the sadly departed Caroline Aherne, who died in July this year. She used to play the character of the weather-girl on the news channel of a fictional country. Whenever they turned to her for a forecast, she would stick 45-degree stickers on a map, and say ‘Skorchio’ for every town.

Just lately, this could well apply to Beetley. After spending many hours on this blog lamenting our lack of sunshine and heat, I have had little to complain about, since the first week in August. We may have had a long wait for a late summer, but it arrived with a vengeance. Temperatures have remained consistently high for weeks now, with only two days of rain, and warm nights into the bargain. It has not been unusual to have runs of daytime figures well into the high 20s, and even the low 30s. Today it has reached 31 degrees (C) here, unheard of for September. Records have been broken all around the UK, with some places basking in a heat not seen since 1949. (Which is even before I can remember)**Updated** The news now tells me that we have exceeded 1949 temperatures, and now have to go back as far as 1911. So I definitely do not remember it…

So, just for a change, I am not complaining about the weather. Even though it is hard to sleep when it is still 21 degrees at night, I will tolerate that, as anything is better than the rain that preceded this unexpected hot spell. And it is set to continue, at least until the weekend.

35 thoughts on “Skorchio

  1. Enjoy the good weather without rain. at least when it is hot, you can turn on your AC. It’s rainy season here but most mornings, the sun shows its face. We always experience an hour of thunderstorms almost every day.


    1. We don’t have A/C here, Arlene. If only we did! It is rarely this hot, so the expense of installing it cannot be justified. At least we have no rain today, and it’s another hot one…
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Air conditioning could hardly be justified here, but it would be nice tonight. The fan in the bedroom is circulating warm air. Better than nothing, but only just. Julie works in a bank with A/C. She was too cold at work all day, and had to leave it to come home to the heat.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. You can expect me to always say it’s scorchio over here! We get about 3 weeks of cool weather per year – if you were to squeeze them all together. When the weather man says a “cold” front is coming, we can expect a slight dip in the temperature.


  3. Well, we’ll finally get a blast if Arctic air today here in the Mojave Desert. The mercury will barely reach a frigid 87 F (30.5 C). It never got above 116 F (46.6 C) here this past summer, but I suppose that does qualify as Skorchio!


  4. Great to hear that you are having the same weather as us for a change, mind it is record breaking here as well (for this century at least) Nights are cooler though at around 13 and the weekend looks to mark the change, we will see. A bit of cooler weather wont go a miss, just as long as it doesn’t rain too much.


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