Nature’s invoice

I have been writing a lot lately about how good the weather has been. Although too hot for some, and sometimes difficult at night, we have enjoyed a few weeks of very warm temperatures, record-breaking highs, and unbroken sunshine. The long wait for that late summer was finally worth it, after all.

Today, we got the bill. Mother Nature sent her invoice for the supply of good weather. Like a large heating bill after a long winter, we knew it would come, but it was still a shock when the envelope was opened. The central and eastern parts of the UK were hit with a drop in temperatures of up to fifteen degrees (C). Accompanying this came a huge rainstorm from the Atlantic. Meeting somewhere in the middle, the result was an electrical storm that left thousands without power, lit up the sky with lightning, and dumped the best part of a month’s rainfall on us in twelve hours.

Homes, shops, and schools were flooded, many having to close. There were landslides, train derailments, and serious problems on the roads. Even though we had fair warning, as usual we were unprepared for the full effects. Despite some injuries, it has been reported that nobody was killed, which is a blessing. As the storms continued eastward, the rain here got so heavy that even my trusty umbrella was of little use on my walk with Ollie. I had to go back to heavy boots and a coat too, for the first time in many weeks.

But I am not complaining. Honestly, I’m not. Because we had a summer, albeit rather late, and it was good too. And we all know that you have to pay for the good things in life. This was that invoice.


29 thoughts on “Nature’s invoice

    1. I have seen how bad it is down there on the TV news. You are lucky to have escaped the flooding so far.
      It is rarely that bad here of course. It’s just that this is supposed to be the ‘driest county in England’, yet it seems to rain almost every day!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Lovely post! Please check out my first blog! Please follow me and comment ideas for my ‘nature and animal’ based daily fact… animal of the week… all round blog πŸ™‚


      1. Very foggy and soggy here too, Pete… No gardening for me today, which is a good thing.. Yesterday, while checking on my containers with the deck tomatoes there was a tiny little weed in there, I grabbed it to pull it out (without) gloves and it pricked one of my fingers.. Now this afternoon I’ve noticed it feels hot to the touch and it’s swelling a tad.. all from a little prick .. so small I can’t see a thorn.. with a magnifying glass.. Oh the bothersome dangers lurking in the soil… Take care, Laura


  2. It’s pouring down sunshine here in Southern Nevada. A little warmer today than yesterday at 91 F / 32.7 C. But still a very nice day here! Do people use clotheslines in the rainy UK? Here, we can put clothes out on a hanger and the sun will dry them. They smell a lot fresher than if they came out of a dryer.


    1. We all use clotheslines, if we have a garden. We have a large rotary device plugged in to a ground fixing. In a good year we must get to use it at least twelve times…Still raining here by the way.
      They say that it’s good for the farmers, and the gardeners. I am neither.
      Regards, Pete.


  3. Apparently I slept through the mother of all thunderstorms here, but did manage to catch the deluge that followed. It’s quite pleasant here now though, with blue skies and wispy clouds, though the temperature has dropped considerably. I think my barometer lies as much as the BBC forecasts do.


  4. I like the notion of ‘nature’s invoice’. I hope there’s still going to be some nice, hot days in the next few weeks. I thought the nice weather was over a few weeks ago but I was wrong. Praying for some nice conditions tomorrow, I’m off diving to go and have a nosey round an old wartime submarine!


  5. I have read about it and seen it on the news. If it makes you feel any better, here in France we had rain too. OK, not the deluge or the storms, (we had a minor storm on Tuesday night) but rain for several hours and a drop in temperatures of some 10 degrees too. The sun, I am glad to say has now returned, long may it last for the weekend!


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