Significant Songs (124)

I Found Lovin’

The thing about this series of posts is that I never claim that any song featured is a ‘good’ song, other than in my opinion. I rarely expect anyone else to like them, unless they share the same tastes, or have similar memories. Very often, they are performed by groups, bands, or singers that have little or no reputation, and in some cases are of the type known as ‘One-Hit Wonders’. The reasons that they have significance to me are many and varied, as you will know if you have followed the posts, and read the text.

This is a good example of something that has importance to me because it recalls a certain time in my life, that is easily visited any time I hear it. I have always liked Soul music, and the Funk that followed. Add a recognisable introduction, a recurring ‘hook’, and all these factors apply to this song. I didn’t have any of their albums, and never bought any of their releases, except this one. But I have only to hear the first few seconds of this song, and even in my sixties, I find it impossible to keep still.

In 1984, aged 32, I was in the process of watching my first marriage fall apart. I wasn’t taking too much notice of new music at the time, save some of those sad ‘break-up’ songs that seem relevant at such times. The following year, I was living alone once again, and trying to get myself out to meet people, and enjoy myself after a hard year. I went to a party, feeling somewhat ancient in the company of younger colleagues, even younger nurses, and hospital staff. By then I was 33, and I suspected that there was nobody older than me there.

Unlike everyone else in the crowded room, I was wearing a suit and tie. I had very short hair, and a look that suited the 1960s, rather than the 1980s. I wasn’t really enjoying myself, to be honest. The chattering of the young people, the loud music, and the bustle of so many bodies in the large venue was making me feel overwhelmed. After an hour or so, I was beginning to plan my exit strategy, seeking to escape back to my small house, and sit quietly. The experiment had failed, of that I was certain.

Then this record was played. My spirits were lifted, my feet were moving, and very soon, I was joining the throng, as they chanted the chorus. That obscure song managed to changed my outlook on life, on one night in 1985. Now when I hear it I can think back to happier times, not just sad ones.
Thanks are due, to The Fatback Band.


11 thoughts on “Significant Songs (124)

  1. What a great and yet sad story for the background to this band and song for you.. But, this tune managed to get your feet to moving as you said, bringing life back into you.. That’s always a good thing and should always be remembered when times are tough. There is a moment when you need it most a rainbow to kick some sense into ya… Great tune by the way.. Take care, Laura…


      1. Pete, indeed it sure does… I have a few faves that are my go to when I feel a mood happening, luckily most of the C.D’s are now gathering dust which means my moods have been mostly up for the most part… This is when seeing dust around is a “Good Thing…”


  2. I have no idea when I last heard this tune. I guess it got a bit of airplay around the time it was released and for my Saturday job I was working as a butcher down Ridley Road. Not something I’d have bought but it was alright as background music.
    I had a similar experience with regards to the party… A few of us went out and to be honest it didn’t sound like my sort of thing but I went along. N. Egan was in a suit, I’d say I was reasonably smart and everyone else was much more casual. Noel and I were so out of place in this night club that we just ended up propping up the bar. Still had a good night but with a smidgen of moaning about youngsters not knowing how to dress!


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