Significant Songs (125)

Old Cape Cod/At The River

In the late 1950s, my parents used to love to listen to a record from the American singer, Patti Page. Although I was young, I loved to hear her voice too, as it was sweet and clear, and she recorded many standards. That vinyl album was called ‘Patti Page In The Land Of Hi-Fi’, and I may well have it stored away somewhere, even now. They later bought more of her records, and one included the sentimental song, ‘Old Cape Cod’.

Fast-forward to 1997. I am 45 years old, and I hear a nice mellow tune on the radio. It was by the group Groove Armada, known for their electronic music, and use of sampling. They were popular on the club circuit, and had some success with both that song, ‘At The River’, and the big-selling ‘I See You Baby’. I knew that the sample in ‘At The River’ was familiar, but it took me some time to realise that it was Patti Page. I bought it on a compilation CD, and now have both versions, forty years apart.

Here they are, with the sublime Patti first, as befits chronological order.
Lie back, and enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Significant Songs (125)

  1. Pete, what a treat this post is.. I was just thinking about this fantastic singer. I’m not sure what brought back the memories, perhaps it’s because I’ve been thinking about a long ago summer vacation… and the wonderful views of the Atlantic ocean while dipping lobster tails into warm melted butter.. Awesome post and thanks for the tunes too…

    Take care and have a great afternoon


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