This is a work of fiction. A short story of just over 600 words.

Stephen was too excited to think about work. When he got home tonight, he would see Valerie. It had been so long since their last meeting, and there had been times when he had thought he might never get the chance to see her again. Sandra suspected something, of that he was certain. But she had never accused him directly, just dropped the occasional heavy hint that she was aware something was going on.

When Sandra had suggested attending the female empowerment seminar, he had been positive in his reaction. Not too keen of course, that might have seemed suspicious. He had told her that it might do her good, make her feel better about life. It was only three nights away, and a short flight, so why not? But it was up to her of course. He didn’t mind either way.

Inside, Stephen had trembled with anticipation. Three nights away! That would give him the chance to see Valerie again, perhaps more than once too. The last time had been in an awful chain hotel. He had told Sandra he would be away overnight on business, ready for the interrogation that followed with a well-rehearsed story. But he stood his ground, and made the best of the seedy surroundings of the hotel in the industrial area of a nearby city. It was more than worth it, for Valerie. On this occasion, he could relax at home; prepare dinner for her, and at last be able to take his time. So many rushed encounters avoiding the chance of discovery. Ultimately unsatisfactory, and lacking fulfillment.

Just when it was time to get away, old man Guthrie came into his office. Stephen smiled at him through gritted teeth. “Stephen, glad you are still here. I need to go over the Franklin account before the presentation next week.” This kindly man was his boss, and he was always fair. Stephen didn’t have the heart to make an excuse, so he listened to his ramblings about Franklin, nodding agreement, and adding suggestions here and there. But all he could think of was getting back to see Valerie, and the special evening ahead.

By the time he got home, he was almost an hour later than planned. He put the small chicken into the oven, and chopped up the salad that would accompany it. A nice Chablis went into the fridge to chill, and he busied around the kitchen, getting everything just right. Valerie would appreciate a healthy chicken salad and a fine wine. He was sure of that. Everything would be ready in just over one hour.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Valerie was getting ready, and planning to look her very best. The make-up had to be just right. Enough to impress, but not so much as to look like a tart. The honey blonde hair was curled nicely, then teased over one eye. Just like Veronica Lake, who she liked to imagine she resembled. The underwear was very important. A padded bra, to make the best of her cleavage, and the pantie girdle with suspenders attached, to hold her in. Then the fine denier stockings, only the best. Stepping into the flouncy petticoat, she adjusted the folds so that they wouldn’t spoil the hang of her best red dress. The outfit was completed with some matching suede high heels, and if she said so herself, she looked like a million dollars.

Valerie could smell something good coming from downstairs. By her reckoning, dinner was almost ready.

Stephen stood up, and looked at the wonderful reflection of Valerie in the full-length mirror. He adjusted the hair, to make sure that it was covering one eye again, and blew himself a kiss.

He was going to enjoy this evening.

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