Significant Songs (126)

Cat People

I have featured David Bowie before on this blog, but make no apologies for doing so again. I had always been a fan of the 1942 film, ‘Cat People’. I heard that there was to be a remake in 1982, and was interested to see it of course. Not only that, the wonderful David Bowie was to provide music for the soundtrack, so it was a must.

His song for the film, ‘Putting Out Fire’ (Cat People) was also featured on his album, ‘Let’s Dance’, in 1983. The song, with a collaboration by Georgio Moroder, was just marvellous. It made me want to watch the film, and I did. It was pretty good, but maybe not as good as the original.

But this is about the music, and the song is just perfect. The guitar work is par excellence, and I could listen to it every day. And often do.

So if you have never seen the film, that is up to you. But if you have never heard the song, here it is. In all its glory.

Revel in the magnificence of Bowie at his very best.

18 thoughts on “Significant Songs (126)

  1. Bowie is always a winner (and in general I remember the songs for the movies he’s featured in more than the movies). I agree about the original Cat People. I watched it as a child and I had nightmares, but it’s a beautifully atmospheric film, where a lot is achieved with no special effects to speak of. Gorgeous black and white! Have a great weekend, Pete!


  2. The 1982 film is flawed but is an entertaining way – Paul Schrader is a provocative Director, and Malcolm McDowell was at his peak – that said, it’s all about Bowie, and this is a classic song for him…continuing to try new genres and tell stories with his music….great post Pete


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