Significant Songs (127)


In 1995, I had already heard about the Britpop band, Suede. I had never heard of Mark McAlmont though. The guitarist from Suede, Bernard Butler, embarked on a collaboration with the unusual vocalist McAlmont, and formed the duo, McAlmont and Butler. Their debut single, ‘Yes’ was a absolute delight. It combined orchestral sounds with the feel of British Indie music, and the dulcet tones of Mark McAlmont suited the song to perfection.

I came to the conclusion that I liked this a lot. Not only that, it got better every time I heard it. For me, this was the mark of a classic single, and I soon added it to my collection. Sad to say, but I didn’t really like their follow up records. I also declined to buy their album release based on liking one single. So for me, they slipped into history, slotted into the category of ‘one-hit wonder’.

Despite doing well with ‘Falling’, in 2002, and re-forming for concerts in 2014, I was never as captivated by their music as I had been, in 1995. They toured again in 2015, but so far have only ever released two albums, the last in 2002. I had to conclude that they were a ‘might have been’ group. Nonetheless, I always enjoy listening to this record, to this very day.


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