A taste of Winter

It might only be the 1st of October, but the weather has brought a taste of winter to Beetley today.
Despite a sunny start, the dark skies and rain clouds soon appeared. They reminded us that the late summer is over, and gave a taste of what to expect.

Long before I was ready to take Ollie for his walk, day had turned into night, far too early. Forewarned, I wore waterproof clothing, and carried an umbrella too. But it was not enough to cope with the deluge that followed, and the surprising drop in temperature left me unprepared for the cold.

After so many warm days, and uncomfortable nights, the sharp drop in temperature left my hands and fingers cold, as well as my feet. Adding the rain and wet to that only made things worse, and I was soon chilled to the bone, soaking wet, and very fed-up. I cut the walk back by thirty minutes, as strolling around in those conditions was just too boring to endure. Of course, Ollie noticed nothing, and continued to run around as if it was a nice sunny day.

Later this evening, I took him for a trip to the dog-groomer. He emerged looking sleek, smelling fresh, and with nice short toenails. But I couldn’t help thinking that this was his first ‘winter’ trim-up, and I have spent the evening feeling cold and damp.

As always, we go from everything to nothing here. It is tiresome in the extreme.


21 thoughts on “A taste of Winter

  1. This years weather sure has been odd to say the least.. We’ve gone from frost at night, to 22c during the day.. It’s already snowing in parts of Canada to the west.. I hope it stays there for a bit… But, as the television reminds us ~ Winters coming…

    Take care, Laura


  2. Looks like we are just about to be hit with another spell of rain and colder weather, but the rain should bring more mushrooms out and there is something comforting about putting a jumper on.
    Pete, I remember a long time ago you mentioned you bought some winter boots, they sounded like warm wellies if I remember correctly, what were they called and would you recommend them?


  3. Yes, here it all comes, the cold and the rain and the gloom again, though a bit of sunshine too for us today. Phil and I are both riddled with bugs and dosing ourselves with lemsips max, :/ feels like summer is definitely gone.

    BTW we watched ‘The Fighter Pilot’ japanese movie last night, and it was excellent, I cried buckets!


  4. Hey Pete – you have winter seeping into your bones, while here we are awaiting Hurricane Matthew and already getting wet. Hopefully this thing will get pushed away from us, but these storms have a mind of their own and the weathermen can only guess and use computer models. Stay bundled up!!


  5. October in Las Vegas is the best month of the year. Today it was sunny and 89 F / 32 C. I’ve been looking forward to October for months now, and I’m thrilled it has finally arrived. Seems like we’re going in opposite directions! Should I blow the dust off my umbrella (if I can find it) and mail it to you by FedEx?


  6. Sorry you had a wet, cold bout, Pete. I remember when I lived in Scotland how was extreme and bone-chilling the air, the wind, the water. In those days, coal fires were a constant. We don’t use coal here. Do you have a fire place?


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