Lost Britain: A new film and cinema article

Courtesy of James at curnblog.com I am pleased to have had another new article published on his site today. It is a look back at some nostalgic British films from 1940-1955, showing us a way of life that has almost disappeared in this country. If this interests you at all, please follow the link below.
And if you would like to comment, please do so over on that site.

Lost Britain: A Nostalgic Look Back Through Seven Films

Thanks in advance, Pete.


11 thoughts on “Lost Britain: A new film and cinema article

  1. Shared this on Facebook: a terrific selection Pete! I did not know a single one of these films and now I am particularly looking forward to watching The Stars Look Down. I really appreciated your vision of past and present London (and other British cities). Well done!


        1. He has a good brush to get out all the loose hair. Then he has a bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and his wrinkly face cleaned and washed! We have used the same lady for a long time now, as Ollie likes her. x

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        2. No tooth brushing, Dina. He has deer antlers and special chew toys to use for that. He scrapes them against his teeth to get out any food bits, and it usually works really well. A bit like humans using twigs, before nylon toothbrushes were the norm. x


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