Leave of absence

I am going to be away from the blog for a while.

I will be away from a computer.

Away from an Internet connection.

And generally away from it all.

I do have a smartphone, that’s true. But let’s face it, my eyes are not going to cope with blogging on that size of screen.

And anyway, I might not have a good signal.

So if I do not comment on your posts, add a like, and post nothing of my own, do not fear. I haven’t dropped off the perch, or to be found lying in Intensive Care. Just absent.

And don’t go worrying about Ollie. He’s coming too.

See you all soon, and happy blogging!


46 thoughts on “Leave of absence

  1. Pete, have a relaxing time, while you’re away.. You probably won’t see this until your return .. So, now that you’re back from your vacation we are all looking forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing all of those pictures ~ when you have time to rest up after your vacation.. LOL.. I always need a vacation after taking a vacation.. Take care, Laura


  2. Take a stamp, envelope, pencil and piece of paper (all of which can fold-up except for the pencil, so keep the pencil very small and put in a plastic bag in your back pocket) so you can send for help in an emergency! But above all, have a great time. Theo

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    1. If you stand on the roof of your house with Frego and her zoom lens, then look 106 miles West/South West, you will see me walking around Derwent Water. Or somewhere nearby. (Waterproofs packed!)
      Regards, Pete.

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          1. His Dad was a Greek Cypriot, Mum English. He is from Camden Town but now lives in Chiswick and Eastbourne. I knew him from the Ambulance Service, and he later came to work with me in the police, at the Diplomatic Protection Group, firearms unit.
            He was ‘second unit’ photographer at our wedding, and took some lovely wedding shots. Spends a lot of time post-processing images, but he keeps getting better though. And buying the Pen F has really made him step up.


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