Back from the Lakes

Following a five-hour drive, I arrived home at 2.30 today.

In due course, I will have lots to tell you about my holiday to the Lake District in Cumbria, and many photos to share too.

We were lucky with the weather, and spent every day out walking in some of the best scenery in Britain. Ollie took to the new area like a duck to water, and enjoyed being out for around nine to ten hours most days. He made some new friends in an area full or dog-owners, and he also enjoyed meeting the hill sheep to be found everywhere.

I have to sort out all the photos on the memory cards, as well as the details of the places we visited and the sights seen. That will take some time, and will involve a series of posts over the next week or so. But it all went very well; I managed the walks, and my new walking clothes and boots proved to be a good investment. As for the picturesque area, it couldn’t be more different to Norfolk, as you will see in due course.

I will do my best to get around to replying to all your comments, and checking out the posts I have missed, as soon as the travelling dust has settled.

I enjoyed my break a great deal, and I would like to thank everyone who continued to read my posts and to comment on this blog when I was away.

Best wishes to you all. Pete.


34 thoughts on “Back from the Lakes

  1. It sounds like you had a great trip, Pete. The Lake District is superior walking and the dogs are mostly very welcome. I start here and read my way through your post, I look forward to the photos and your entertaining narratives. Sorry for neglecting you and the others so long, but I have been without my beloved Macbook for many weeks now. I had some trouble with the graphic card and consulted Apple in Norwich twice without a satisfying result so I sent it to my computerman in the Black Forest. I invested a small fortune in new programs, superfast hardrive and …. Then on the way back home to me it got lost in the post and Im waiting and waiting for an answer.
    Best wishes,
    Dina x


  2. Welcome back, Pete. It’s so good to sometimes get away from it all. Some weekends I turn off my mobile and it’s so relaxing – but I guess it’s different for a retiree.

    I’m more into indie rock, but here’s a wonderful jazz find of mine from earlier this year:

    I stumbled over it by accident whilst searching for something else on Spotify. Wow, I was blown away.

    Greetings from ZΓΌrich!


  3. There are quite a few lakes back in Missouri, but we usually went to Pomme de Terre. Out here in the Mojave Desert, there’s only one: Lake Mead. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing your photos. I”m also glad that Ollie had such a good time Welcome back!


  4. Just glad you’re back home safe and sound. I’m sure Ollie had a great time carousing the countryside!! Take your time catching up around Blogsville, we’re just glad to have you back.


    1. Unbelievably lucky, Jude, although it got very cold later in the week. I stayed hot enough up the hills though! Lots of browns and deep reds and greens on the hills, as well as some amazing light to play with. Let’s hope that some of the pictures transfer well to the blog. x

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