The wettest place in England.

I expect that you all think I have gone a bit soft after my holiday.

Nice posts about the Lake District, and lots of photos taken on my trip.

No complaints about the weather, and no moans about mud and rain.

I went to the area that boasts the wettest spot in England.

And it was dry 98% of the time.

Then I came home to the driest county in England.

And it has rained every day since.

I am thinking of challenging the claim about that wettest place.

Surely Beetley must be in contention?

Back to so-called ‘occasional showers’.

In TV news speak, that means heavy rain for most of the time.

Back to trudging around in the mud, watching the raindrops on the river.

Just in case you had thought I’d forgotten…

At least I have all the wet weather gear that I didn’t need.

Up there in the wettest place in England.

24 thoughts on “The wettest place in England.

  1. I remember the talks about the rain the summer I worked in Kendal, but as far as I recall it wasn’t that memorable for rain and I know I visited around a fair bit and wasn’t bothered by the weather. But yes, recently it has been miserable here too.

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  2. Well it’s good you are outfitted for all of the rain back home, because as you know Ollie wants out come rain or shine.. Take care, rest up and stay dry and warm.. hum… I think I covered everything.. Oh and let those Oak leaves fertilize your grass, less work makes a happy Man…. wink….

    Take care, Laura

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  3. it did come across as a poem, and a clever one at that. It hasn’t rained here since mid-summer. We went to The Wetlands today, and the water was low. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it. We saw great blue herons, a black-crowned night heron, cormorants, two pelicans, plenty of ducks and coots, Gambel’s quail, cottontails, and even a coyote wading in the wash. We were hoping to see a roadrunner. Maybe next time….

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