A dull day in Ullswater

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On Wednesday, we decided to return to Ullswater, and try again for the ferry that had been cancelled in the mist on Monday. Unfortunately, we were losing the excellent weather that we had enjoyed since arriving in the region. Low cloud, a sharp drop in temperature, as well as occasional showers provided a dull atmosphere for both walking, and photography. We had to sit inside this time for the longer boat trip, which would drop us at the far end of the lake.

Once off the boat and walking, it was obvious that the weather was not going to improve that day. We had to carry on for more than seven miles of paths around the lake, many of them away from the shoreline. I still paused to take many photos, but the light was poor, so I will show only two on this post.

Ullswater from a higher section of the path. The sky appears to have been painted grey.

The rain came and went, just a series of short sharp showers as we carried on. There were to be no sunny breaks that day though, which was a shame. I had to content myself with an old farm building, the roof covered in moss or lichen. It is still in use, for the farming of hill-sheep.

With stops for lunch, and for taking the photos of course, the walk to Glenridding took almost five hours. We arrived back at the village in the late afternoon, and popped into the outdoor equipment shop where Antony used to work, when he lived in the area. He was able to catch up with his former colleagues, as I enjoyed a short rest on a bean-bag.


14 thoughts on “A dull day in Ullswater

  1. Pete, Love the title to this post… I was expecting one thing and got another. Loved the pictures even if not perfect as it let us see the beauty in a much subdued light… I almost felt the dampness in the air looking at what you captured with the lens…So to me not dull at all…. Take care, Laura


  2. The photo of the old farm building is quite nice. The dull sky actually keeps the eye from being distracted from the browns, yellows, and greens. I liked the kinship of “dull” and “Ullswater” in your title.


    1. I changed the original title of this post (Another try for the cancelled ferry) to get the ‘dull’ and Ull’ together, so thanks for noticing that. (I knew you would, of course.) Another consideration was ‘Dullswater’ but I thought that too unkind for a place that is still rather majestic, even on a dull day.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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