The Blog: Back to normal

It has now been well over a week since I returned from my short holiday. Writing up the twelve posts about the trip, and choosing from the many photos that were taken to illustrate the posts has been most enjoyable. I hope that you enjoyed this diversion from Beetley, and the photos of an area that may not have previously been known to lots of you.

I confess that I really appreciated my time away from Norfolk. And despite dull weather near the end, it made no difference to the overall experience of the complete change of scene. I also liked getting back into photography, and was pleased to use my small camera more. Although posting the photos pushed my use of the WordPress allowance over 40%, it was worth it, to have the record of my trip on this blog. As for Ollie, he stood up very well to the unusual terrain, and loved being out and about all day, every day.

But we are home now, and the excitement is over, at least for a while. Back to the inevitable clearing of leaves and acorns, as autumn kicks in with a vengeance. The blog will shortly be returning to normal service too. You can expect more of the same. Weather reports, Ollie’s walks, musical memories, and film articles.

And the odd photo too.


29 thoughts on “The Blog: Back to normal

  1. Now is time for me to play catch up with your wonderful blog my dear friend.. First I must say congratulations on over 1,000 followers. They are all sure to find your blog as entertaining as I have over these many moons…Yes, it’s time to return to normal, but after such an amazing adventure I’m sure your new normal is heightened just that much more…. Take care, Laura


    1. Thanks, Laura. Although I am indeed ‘back to normal’, my enthusiasm for photography has been rekindled, and I am looking forward to taking many more photos once again. As for the followers, good ones like you are worth any number that never even read past the one post they ‘Liked’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I have been away too so I shall look forward to browsing through your Lakeside posts as soon as I have my blogs under control! I know I have already mentioned to you about resizing images – through a photo editor NOT on WP as that does not reduce the size of the original file, but I believe I am right in that you decided to go ahead with the large file format. There is another reason to reduce them though, the download for readers, especially those using phones to browse. Something like pixlr can be downloaded on to your PC and it is easy peasy to use.


    1. Thanks, Jude. I have prviously discussed the downsizing, as you say. Some readers may indeed have problems downloading them, if they live somewhere with low speed broadband. I am still undecided, but will look at the link, and thanks for sending it.
      I hope that you like some of my Lakes photos, once you get a chance to see them.
      Regards as always, Pete. x


  3. I enjoyed the trip to the lakes, many memories for me up there. I’m impressed that you managed the walks that you did, it can be hard work on those so called paths.
    Next trip Scotland?


    1. I have considered the resizing issue before, FR. I might just go Premium, once the space is filled, or just start another free blog, with a very similar name. (I have already started and saved ‘Beetleyblog’, and Beetleypeteblog’, for future use.)
      Sun out today-yippee!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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