The Lakes: More great photos!

I am pleased to report that my good friend and companion for the trip to the Lake District has now put up a selection of his photos onto his own website. Please follow the link for a great shot of Ollie, as well as some truly arresting images of the region.
While you are there, you can take the opportunity to look at some of Antony’s other photos, including London, the South Coast, and some abstracts too.
Feel free to add any comments on this post, or by using Antony’s contact page on the website.

**Update** As Antony has now closed his site, pending a transfer to a blogging platform, I have removed the link to that site for now. This is a link to his new blog, and more Lake District photos will appear soon. In the meantime, enjoy his roundup of 2016, as well as some great photos of London.

2016 Photo round up




27 thoughts on “The Lakes: More great photos!

  1. Lush and majestic landscapes by a man who understands the territory he portrays. A photographer close to me admires the craftsmanship. The portrait of Ollie is a heartbreaker. I don’t think the overcast weather at the end of the holiday detracts from the composition and intensity of the images a whit – just a different mood. A memorable collaboration in words and pictures.


  2. Great photos and many the same scenes as the ones I took a couple of years ago! I have to agree with FR that the copyright logo is distracting and spoils the photos, it is so easy to crop part of the photo if one wants to – the only way to really copyright an image is to embed a watermark, or reduce the size of an image so it can’t be printed.


        1. He certainly works hard to achieve results, Sue. Living and working in London (and part-time in Eastbourne) gives him a wealth of opportunities. He has also travelled extensively, and uses a good selection of cameras, including a Nikon D3s, Olympus Pen F, and Sony RX-1R. So he has full-frame and MFT options to play with.

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  3. Great photo’s (though I find the big blocky watermark spoils the overall feel of them) and Ollie looks splendiferous. I have a similar shot of Belncathra only in the snow but never knew what it was called before now so cheer for that!


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