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One thousand followers. A regiment of fellow bloggers, all sharing the desire to see what I am trapping on about. More than the legionaries in a Roman cohort, equal to 90.9 soccer teams; more people than I could ever remember having met, at least by name.

I should be celebrating this milestone, jumping for joy, and feeling flushed with success at this moment of recognition. A young man in The Philippines clicked ‘follow’ this evening, and tipped my figures from 999, to the magic number of 1000. I sent him thanks, as I always do.

By some standards, 1,000 followers is insignificant. Many bloggers have tens of thousands, and some Twitter and Facebook users can count their community in the millions. To others, happily blogging with followers still in double figures, or none at all, 1000 must seem like an unattainable number indeed. But after over four years at this game, drilling down into the stats, and carefully examining the source of every follower, I know better than to be over-excited by a number.

The ten people who make the most comments on my blog have stayed the same for well over a year now, with some in those positions from when I first started. They move up and down, a place here or there, but they stay the same, loyal and interested, involved and engaged. They don’t just comment, they reply to my replies, and engage with others on the same posts. In some cases, my followers also follow each other, completing the blogging circle. I know them as my ‘Regulars’.

After them come the ‘Likers’. These respected followers dutifully click ‘Like’ on every post I publish. Some of them have done this for years, for almost every one of the 1,112 posts I have published. They rarely comment though, whatever the subject matter. It is as if breaking their silence would shatter some unwritten rule.

The next category, I think of as the ‘Occasionals’. They pop up now and again, click a ‘Like’, and sometimes comment, if it is something they have an opinion about, or just to say how much they enjoyed a short story, or photo post. They feel a bit like bumping into an old colleague in the street. Nice to see them. It’s been a while. Neither of us has changed that much.

Then come those I call the ‘Revenants’. The ‘back from the dead’ bloggers. Maybe someone who used to comment avidly, then one day just disappeared. You sometimes wonder where they went, what they are doing, whether they are still blogging. Then they reappear, with a ‘Like’ or an unexpected comment, as if nothing has happened, and they were just here yesterday. Their unexpected arrival always raises a wry smile, as I think that they must know something I don’t. But I am not going to ask them what it is.

So these are my four categories of blog followers. They are appreciated and respected, and not least due my thanks, for being around for so long. If I total up the numbers of those making up these categories, it comes to just less than 90 people. A long way from 1,000.
So, you might ask, where are the other 910?

A good question. I am afraid I do not have the answer.

My thanks as usual to all my genuine followers. It would not be the same without you.


55 thoughts on “1,000 Followers

  1. Just got around to reading this post! I’m far from having 1000 followers yet, but my experience is much the same as yours… And actually, I don’t know if I would like to have thousands of followers – unless you’re selling something, what’s the point? The fun and nice part is the interaction. Problem is, like you if someone follows me I go on their blog to thank them and, If it is interesting, I follow back. Now my inbox is swamped every day, I can’t keep up unless I spend hours on it. I think I have to do some house keeping soon…


    1. I was pleased to see that number appear, but the post was rather tongue in cheek. When I had 100 followers, I enjoyed just as much interaction as I do now. Many follow to just be followed back, and soon disappear if you choose not to. I count myself lucky to still have many of those who followed my blog four years ago, when I started out.
      I don’t follow that many blogs myself, as I like to always interact with those that I do, so that limits the number. Some of them have just vanished anyway, such is the transient world of electronic communication for some bloggers.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Pete, I congratulated you in the older post a bit ago, but I wanted to just say it once again.. “Congratulations.” 🙂 I feel blessed and honored to be in your family of followers and always look forward to what your next post will be. I’ve been raking leaves like a mad woman, covering the permaculture beds, drawing illustrations trying also like a mad woman to keep up with the story…But, I love sitting with my cuppa tea and catching up on all of your posts that I’ve missed since the beginning of the week. It’s such a peaceful and enjoyable time for me. I get the greatest hits all at once, instead of having to wait for the next days post.. Congrats again my dear friend.. On to the next 1,000 followers… Take care, Laura


    1. Thanks, Nandia. I wonder what category you consider yourself to be in?

      In 2015, I wrote a post about styles of blogging, and how I see some of those that I follow too. From that post, this would be a fair description of your blog.

      ‘Some of my favourite blogs publish articles of great import, sparingly posted. They are usually sumptuously illustrated, or have accompanying photographs, generally of high quality. Although they do not appear that often, the response from their audience is always immediate, and in great numbers. These bloggers are at the high end of this pastime, the careful craftsmen in our blogging community. They have experimented, worked hard and meticulously, and achieved something enduring, with work to be proud of. I think of them as the Guild Bloggers, masters of the art.’


      Best wishes as always, Pete.

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      1. I think that is a compliment I hardly deserve. I do put a lot of thought on posts, but I am not sure I take full advantage or have experimented with the medium itself. As far as your categories are concerned, I would probably place myself under the ‘Likers’ (I especially liked the description “It is as if breaking their silence would shatter some unwritten rule”), or even (but mostly for personal reasons…) the Revenants (the ‘back from the dead’ sort of resonates these days…). But I appreciate your personal style in interacting, something that I have not managed to do – and I must say, you also invite that from your followers. I don’t think I follow any other blog as yours (which is why I also believe that I have not engaged with the medium as I should have).


        1. As far as I am concerned, you do qualify for ‘Guild’ status, because of the intelligent content and unusual nature of your blog. As far as my own categories are concerned, I put you firmly in the ‘Occasional’ category, as you contribute much more than a ‘Like’, and I consider you to be a part of the ‘engaged’ community..
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I have only 480 ‘followers’ so a long way to go to 1000 (doubtful I’ll ever get that many) but like everyone else, most are likers and occasionals with a core of about 6-10 who contribute regularly, and as you say, these are the ones I like the best. The blogosphere is weird. Have not had any revenants though, I will live in hope 🙂


  4. I know what you’re saying, Pete. Recently I’ve had quite a few “Followers” who couldn’t possibly be interested in history. They merely trying to sell something, advertise their business, or simply have no way to contact them. I keep wondering who they are too!


  5. Nearly as many followers as posts, impressive stuff! Like many who have commented above (below once I ‘post comment’) Its your particular style and varied subject matter that keep us coming back. I’d hazard a guess that you’re a decent chap in real life 🙂


    1. Thanks for your kind words about my blog, Susanne. These stats are all relative though. I would be happy with 10 followers, if they read all the posts and left comments. I have seen some blogs with 10,000 followers, but no comments on their recent posts.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I know what you mean.. I would rather have a few real readers than lots of followers… and it’s hard to know the difference if they don’t at least occasionally ‘like’ or comment on a post… I have a small number of followers and am thankful when some take the time to read and comment (you, for instance. thank you for that!)


  6. Congratulations. Way to go. Like you, I check out the blogs of people who follow me, but it doesn’t guarantee that I follow back. Right now, with my travels, I’m waiting until I’m home to figure out any new followers.


  7. Congratulations on this milestone, dear Pete! That’s worth a celebration indeed. I like the way you describes the various groups of followers, spot on as always. 🙂
    You appear with 854 WP-followers, that means you have a big number of non-wp-readers, underlining the quality of your writing. Bravo! 🙂
    Love to you and Ollie from Norway,
    Dina x


      1. His photos are brilliant! But my, the one of Ollie is so very precious. ❤ His eyes are speaking to me. What a great capture. I'm so happy you had a great time and brought home so many nice memories. And pics. 🙂
        Wishing you a wonderful weekend. It's still dark in the North,


        1. Thanks for looking at Antony’s site, Dina. He works hard to get the best from his images, as you could see. Happy travels to Norway, I hope you get to see some more Northern Lights.
          Love as ever, Pete and Ollie. xx

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  8. Hahahaha! I nearly just pressed ‘like’ then! Congrats on the 1000 followers, that is a milestone. There are people sitting at their laptops reading our posts too shy to press the ‘like’ button or send a comment, but they are there. :0)


    1. Thanks, Kate. You are definitely an ‘engaged ‘ blogger! You have three and a half times as many followers as I do!
      (PS Do I follow you? It seems not. I thought I had. Off to remedy that omission now!)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. I wonder if your blog readership has increased significantly as a result of posting more photographs? I enjoy the photos, of course, but they are not the primary reason I have become a devoted follower. What I treasure most is the wit and wisdom in your writing. I came on board nearly three years ago, and won’t be jumping ship for a very long time to come!

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    1. Thanks, David. As you know, your fellowship as a blogger, and more, is always much appreciated by me,
      The photo posts make the views spike. A popular photo post will attract three or four times as many daily views as any with just text. But the followers come at random. In the last few days, I have had ten followers from India, in the space of a few hours. And they all seem to be ‘genuine’ bloggers too, in that they are not trying to sell me anything.
      In the same week, I had two Christian fundamentalists following. Their blogs were all about an angry God. Just after them, an American neo-Nazi who hates Jews decided to follow. As they say where you live “Go figure”. I never follow blogs back just for the sake of it, but I do always check out the blog of anyone who follows mine.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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