Norfolk Tourism: Muckleburgh


My recent trip to the Lake District has inspired me to discover more about the area where I live, and to make the effort to visit those places much closer to Beetley that I have so far neglected.

Yesterday, I set off to see The Muckleburgh Military Collection, which is close to Weybourne, a very attractive village on the coast of North Norfolk. I went alone, as this place is of little interest to Julie, and left Ollie at home too, so I would not have to leave him outside. This area has been the site of defences since the time of the Spanish Armada, and was used extensively during both world wars. It was an artillery base from 1936 until as recently as 1958, specialising in anti-aircraft defences and training. The camp is still used today by the RAF, who operate a radar receiving station there. Because of this, much of the area is out of bounds, and owned by the Ministry of Defence. Walking around is discouraged, as some parts still have live land mines present.

It was opened as a museum in 1988, and houses exhibits in the original buildings, as well as operating Tank Drives and rides in military vehicles outside, in the high season. Over 150 tanks, armoured cars, and artillery pieces can be seen there, as well as other light vehicles, displays of personal weapons, and shells. Separate exhibits show medals and uniforms, and also feature the local regiment The Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry. There is a large collection of models too, as well as some dioramas.

I took over sixty photos during my visit, and they will feature in a series of blog posts to come.
If you can’t wait, here is a link to their website.


22 thoughts on “Norfolk Tourism: Muckleburgh

  1. Pete, I look forward to the future posts you’ll be making. My late husband and my grandfather would have loved to see this as well.. So, if there’s a thing… they’ll just have to see it through my eyes instead… November 11th is arriving soon, and I’ll be wearing a treasured poppy on my black Fall Jacket.. Take care, dear friend…Laura


  2. I do like a good military museum and will check out the link, it’s the closest I’m likely to get to seeing this one. As GP says you set a good example and one I must follow if I’m going to attract visitors to our little piece of Poland. We did visit a V2 test site which is nearby, but if I’m honest it was a bit of a let down, a rocket in a field kind of affair, Mind I was spoilt when I lived in Jersey, you can’t move for German military hardware!


    1. Cheers, Eddy. Despite the variety of exhibits, Muckleburgh was a little disappointing. It was badly arranged, and all crammed into two sheds, I haven’t been to the Channel Islands, but have seen the Atlantic Wall defences in France.


      1. I can usually handle the first hour or so.. You would be amazed at how many military and air and space museums, aircraft carriers and other memorials I have visited! Bob returns the favor by visiting gardens with me..


    1. No WW2 German tanks that I saw. They do have an impressive German 88MM Flak gun though, and I got a shot of that. Lots of Russian (T-34, T-52, T-72) and British stuff, as well as a US Sherman and more modern ones too, like an Abrams. My main reason for being unimpressed was the way that everything is crammed into two large halls. It might be better when they have more tanks outside. Here’s a link to their Flickr stream where you can see them better than in my photos.
      Those fortifications are only accessible now by taking their vehicle ride. Most of the outside shots were taken on ‘special days’, when the place is crammed with visitors.
      I reckon Phil would enjoy it there, all the same.
      Models, and Tanks!

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