Good to be alive?

You know those days when it feels good to be alive? Nice weather, blue skies, not too hot. There’s a gentle breeze, bees are buzzing, and the light is falling just right, illuminating your surroundings like an Old Master painting. Perhaps you feel like wandering beside a river, or popping down to your local bar to enjoy a drink at an outside table. You prefer to walk rather than take the car, as even the ground or path feels good under your feet. Food tastes better, sounds sound better, and everything smells nice too.

Well today is not one of those days. It is the very opposite of one, in fact.

This is the sort of day that makes you sorry that you woke up. Once you had woken up, you regretted leaving the comfort of your bed to stare at the rain hitting the windows. Listening to the driving downpour on the roof, and peering through the gloom of dull skies, and complete cloud cover. It starts to feel uncomfortably chilly very quickly, and there is no alternative but to switch on the heating. A look at the TV weather forecast confirms your worst suspicions. It is in for the day, and probably all day tomorrow as well.

If you have no reason to go out, the best thing to do is to go back to bed with a good book, or curl up on the sofa and watch a film on the TV. Spoil yourself with some edible treats, and later on maybe open a bottle of wine. Close the curtains, and hide from the outside. If you can’t see it or hear it, then maybe it isn’t there. But such decadence is not for me. I have a dog.

No point putting it off, Ollie has to go out, which means that I have to take him. In the future, it might be possible to train a dog to walk itself, heading home with a sat-nav attached to its collar, treading a familiar path. But this is not that future, this is now. I have to get ready, cover myself in waterproof clothing, and set off over the fields. Once out, it is even worse. The wind is cold, the rain even colder. Despite struggling with an umbrella, I am soon pretty wet, and the familiar environs of Hoe Rough are covered in damp leaves, and thick mud.

When the walk started to feel like a punishment, I cut it short, giving Ollie one his shortest walks ever, at under fifty minutes. I was happy to be home again, but the long dull evening stretched ahead. With Julie over at her daughter’s, babysitting her grandson, I decided to do something out of the ordinary. I will go to the cinema in Dereham, and watch a film. Not only will it pass a couple of hours during the late afternoon, it will be a reward to myself for enduring the weather, and never letting my dog down.

I will let you know how it works out.

50 thoughts on “Good to be alive?

  1. Sounds like a great film and a fine way to spend a dull day! I will certainly watch that film as soon as it is accessible.
    I have a wonderful way of enjoying the kind of day that you describe Pete: I play social tennis in an air hall. Guaranteed a game, guaranteed good company and guaranteed a drink after playing with a bunch of people who know how to laugh. Keeps the body in shape as well.
    Al the best, R xx


    1. Good for you with the tennis, Ro. I have to worry about Ollie of course. (Oh, and I forgot, I can’t play tennis!)
      I think you will either love or hate this film mate, with little in between.
      I await your verdict! xx


  2. Good for you, Pete, finding an alternative to a rotten day! I hate to possibly make your day worse, but we have [finally] developed an autumn! What you described in the first paragraph is us this past week and according to the weather report – we have it for another week!! Finally – I’m not commenting here with the report of hot, steamy, humid days!! And I wouldn’t for a moment think you’d neglect Ollie.


  3. Yesterday, under blue skies and perfect weather (74 F / 23 C), we hiked, for the first time—but in very familiar surroundings—the Inner Hurl loop trail out of Blue Diamond, a village of less than 300 inhabitants in Red Rock Canyon just beyond the western edge of Las Vegas. The trail, which I estimate to be three miles in length, is a rocky one. It ascends 600 feet to the foot of a cliff that defines the eastern edge of a small desert plateau, then hugs the bottom of that cliff for a considerable length before precipitously dropping down to a trail that leads back to the village. Scattered among the rugged breccia and the occasional smooth sandstone slab are Joshua trees, barrel cactus, yucca, and a variety of other desert succulents. Our hike lasted 2-1/3 hours. Did it feel good to be alive? YES!


    1. Good advice, Sue. Maybe some homemade Mulled Wine as well, not too sweet?
      Dear Pete, be thankful for your new weatherproof clothing, each time you put them on, you know the investment was a good one. 😉
      If it’s any comfort, we have the same miserable weather on the coast …
      Cheers, our friend. Big pat for dear Ollie ❤
      from the four of us, Dina xxxx

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  4. I had to laugh when I got to the word ‘ I have a dog’
    Ours are getting a run in the morning, at first light, before I feed the animals. Then they are free to come in and out as they please, but todays wintery weather has meant that they venture out for little more than a couple of minutes, deciding that the basement with its boiler is a much better place to stay for the day.
    I hope you enjoy(ed) the pictures.


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