Three seasons in fifty minutes

The weather here continues to both fascinate and frustrate me. I am sure most of you have read enough of these weather posts to last two lifetimes, but here’s another one anyway.

By midday today, it was already getting dark. There had been some splashes of rain against the windows, and I could hear the wind increasing in power too. I started to contemplate my walk with Ollie. Should I go now, or wait in the hope that it would improve? I wrote-up a post for my other blog, and took my time getting ready, having decided to wait.

Experience should have taught me to know better. By 1.30 pm, as I started to get ready, the wind was howling, the sky black as night, and the rain lashing down with no sign of letting up. I put on some waterproof trousers, then a warm sweatshirt, and topped that off with a thick padded coat, fitted with a cosy hood. I then added gloves and wellington boots, before heading out clutching an umbrella too.

It was like walking out into the depths of a bleak winter. The umbrella was impossible to keep hold of, in winds that felt more like gales. My face was soon freezing from the bitter cold accompanying that wind, and my nose was running too. I gave up on the umbrella, and tucked my chin into the neck of the coat, as the hood was also blown away from my head, so offered no protection. With a very glum expression on my face, I let Ollie off the lead at Beetley Meadows, thinking to myself that I wouldn’t be out too long in these awful conditions.

Ten minutes later, I reached the bend in the river. The wind had dropped to a brisk breeze, fluttering the fallen leaves around. The sky had turned bright blue, and a watery sun had appeared too. I suddenly regretted leaving my camera at home, as the changing leaves were illuminated by the low Autumn sunlight. Feeling more cheerful, I head off to Hoe Rough, with no sign of the dark clouds to make me fear a sudden change. It was suddenly a nice Autumn afternoon, my second season in under twenty minutes.

Ollie scampered off to look for deer or squirrels, and I wandered down the main path there, still marvelling at the change, as the brightness increased, and the sky turned as blue as a good Spring day. I was soon far too warm, the temperature almost doubling in under forty-five minutes. My padded coat was too much, the gloves had to come off, and I unzipped the neck of the coat to let in some air. I made it to the far side, where the Nature Trust had machinery working, cutting back the bracken and gorse for the winter. Watching that for a while, I realised that I was uncomfortably hot in all my heavy clothing, so continued walking.

I had been out for under an hour, and it seemed that I had walked from Winter, through Autumn, and into a warm Spring. As much as it confounds me, I am left with a sense of wonder about weather.

27 thoughts on “Three seasons in fifty minutes

  1. Pete, this is fabulous.. I too since moving up to Canada am fascinated with the weather. This time of year you just can’t predict what it’s going to do. Chances are you’ve dressed too warmly or not warm enough. Usually, the first thing I do in the morning is check the weather channel to see what the mystical ball told them for today…. Your weather posts are a pure delight for me, so keep those posts coming.. Take care, Laura


    1. Thanks, Laura. I will undoubtedly keep writing weather posts.
      I don’t bother with the TV forecasters anymore, I use my own method. It’s not very technical though. It’s called ‘looking out of the window’!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. In Greece last week we had high southern winds bringing dust from Africa. The sky was a dirty yellow. That night we had a storm with hailstones, and the next day dawned so beautiful I went for a swim in the sea! In November! Go figure…


  3. Today in Las Vegas, the forecast calls for a high of 61 F (16 C) and a low of 41 F (5 C). We’ll be warming up over the next couple of days. Sunday’s forecast calls for a high of 69 F (21 C) and a low of 50 F (10 C) on Sunday. It’s a bit windy today: 15 mph (24 kmh). All told, it’s not too bad for a day in mid-November! I imagine Cindy Bruchman is experiencing temperatures that are slightly warmer. The Sonoran Desert in Arizona experiences similar weather to the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada. However, I believe Arizona benefits more from the summer monsoon season.

    In Beetley, it would seem that the weather gods simply run amok. No use to consult the forecast: all seasons are in play every day! Here in Las Vegas, my weather breakdown above notwithstanding, we pretty much ignore forecasts, but for a different reason. If it’s summer, it’s hot and sunny. If it’s winter, it’s chilly and sunny. If it’s spring or autumn, it’s sunny and nice!


  4. Where would we British be without our obsession with the weather. But is it any wonder! Grotesque here as well but I haven’t had to go out. Being picked up by car later to see The Mousetrap at Shanklin Theatre which a friend is in.


  5. With you there, we had it the other way round again, nice blue sky this morning, then it got colder and colder, the grey clouds gathered, then the rain started, the wind is blowing another hooley. It really is bonkers. At least Ollie got a nice walk!


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