The often crazy world of blogging

Something came to my attention recently that yet again reminded me what a strange and wonderful place we inhabit, those of us who choose to blog.

As part of my short series of ‘Whatever happened to…?’ posts, I wrote something about the British band, Jamiroquai. I hardly expected this to be of much interest. After all, they haven’t been around for a long time now, hence the reason for including them in such a post in the first place.

What I never imagined, not in my wildest dreams, was that this simple post would become the most-read post on my blog in 2016, and receive regular daily views ever since it was posted. (Including two already today). Churning out my fiction pieces, working for hours on photo posts, and catching up on film reviews, I carried on regardless, until I happened to notice that views of this post were popping up, time and time again.

Not for the first time, I conclude that it is a ‘funny old world’ indeed.


29 thoughts on “The often crazy world of blogging

  1. It’s impossible to tell what will catch people’s attentions. A few months ago my cover designer sent me three possible covers for my next book (hopefully coming out next month, fingers crossed), all in different colours, and I decided to ask for people’s opinions. I never had such a response, and of course, with comments. The designer also posted in his Facebook page, and again a huge response. Go figure.


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