Film and Cinema: Another new article

I am happy to report that my latest article for another site has been published on Curnblog.
This is my twentieth article on there, and concerns the evolution of films looking at events during the American Civil War. I appreciate that this is something of a niche interest, but I would be pleased if you could take a little time to follow the link, and read it.

For any fan of film, especially those of you who like to dig a little deeper, or give the subject more thought, I can recommend this excellent site. It is run by Australian James Curnow, who has studied the subject in great detail, to an academic level. As well as his own excellent writing, he opens up the site for articles submitted by writers from all over the world.

If you have any comments to add, please make them on that site.

Thanks in advance, Pete.

The Blue and The Grey: The American Civil War on film


14 thoughts on “Film and Cinema: Another new article

        1. It’s not there yet, Kim. Curnblog is not on the wordpress platform, so replies don’t get shown in notifications. But I have been back to look at it, and no sign.
          Never mind, at least you read it!
          Thanks as always, Pete.

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