Frost on the grass

I woke up yesterday to brilliant sunshine. But that sun carried no heat, despite the accompanying blue skies. By the time I ventured out with Ollie for his walk, there was still a thick white frost on the grass, resisting a whole day of low-lying sun that illuminated the Meadows, and Hoe Rough beyond.

The muddy ruts had solidified, at least at the top, and the flat ground felt hard beneath my boots. The air was noticeably different too; fresher, much colder, and stinging exposed skin on the face. The drop in temperatures had awakened the trees. After hanging on to their decaying foliage for so long, they finally decided it was Autumn, and brown and gold leaves fluttered gently down, like huge snowflakes during a heavy fall, or confetti at a wedding.

It only took a few hours to carpet the open ground, and to cover cars, lawns and pathways too. The familiar rustling of walking through fallen leaves, nothing else to break the silence of the late afternoon. I was grateful for my gloves, my thick socks, and the lined boots too.

This was surely the first day of Winter.

27 thoughts on “Frost on the grass

  1. Pete, what a lovely worded post. I love walking in the Fall leaves after they have all fallen and left the trees barren. Now, it’s the snow we’re walking atop and the crunchy sounds it makes when the winter boots make contact. There are some delightful things about a cold December day in the wintertime, I just have to keep reminding myself of this fact.. Take care, Laura


  2. It’s hovering around 60 F / 15.5 C here in Las Vegas. Our trees lost some leaves last week during a couple of windy days, but most of the leaves are still clinging on to their branches. We’ve done some hiking in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. I’ve been taking a jacket, but usually end up just tying it around my waist. If I had a camera, I’d post a few good photos of our hikes!


    1. Nice to be able to hike in reasonable weather.
      We are enjoying an unusual warm spell from today. The temperature is expected to be in double figures (C) all week, which will make for an interesting break from the cold.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I don’t remember setting up that snow thing, maybe it just happened? I quite like it though. Better on the screen, than in the garden!
      I can just about manage the shutter with thin gloves on, but not the fiddly buttons. x

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  3. December 1st is tomorrow, yet, I still have snow peas growing, blossoming! Winter will come here soon too, I think Tuesday. However, it will not necessarily be as dramatic as you described this morning.
    Warmest Regards, Theo


  4. It seems Nature overheard me bragging to you about the wonderful autumn we’ve been having – according to the weather predictions we’ll be heating back up again.
    Like the way you describe the leaves falling like confetti.


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