Eastbourne pier

My good friend Antony has now started a .com photo blog on the WordPress platform. His first couple of posts are up, and I recommend his photography to everyone. Unlike his previous website, we are now able to follow, like, and comment. So please do all three!
Regards to all, Pete.

Photography by Antony Kyriacou

Like my previous post. I struck gold with the weather in the first week of December.Great weather combines with a day off work = result. A couple of photos of Eastbourne pier as the late afternoon sun was getting low in the sky. Camera used Olympus Pen F and the 75mm f1.8 lens. The first one is mono profile 2,  yellow green filter, metering and exposure comp to create the desired effect.In the second image I used colour profile 2 (chrome film) but omitted the groynes and included more sky.One endearing pleasure of the seaside is the sky, meaning there is a lot of it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Eastbourne pier and beach groynes (stops erosion).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Eastbourne pier fading afternoon light.

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12 thoughts on “Eastbourne pier

    1. Thanks, David. I am sure that he will post more soon. There is a very nice post of high-contrast London photos on his blog at the moment. I am pleased that you liked what you have seen so far.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Beautiful. I lived in Eastbourne quite a few years when I first came to the UK and loved the pier, although I’d heard it had been redecorated but hadn’t managed to see any pic yet… Good luck to your friend Antony. I’m sure he’ll become a favourite quickly.


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