Do you ever feel really tired?
I don’t just mean ‘late night’ tired, or ‘been busy’ tired.
But really tired. Drained, and lacking any energy.

It is that inexplicable tired, the sort that kind of worries you.
No matter how much sleep you had the night before, it didn’t seem to be enough.
My phrase is, ‘bone tired’. When your very bones seem to yearn for rest.

There is no identifiable cause. No thinking, ‘It’s because I did this, or that’.
Or because you did a lot of housework, or gardening, or had a busy day out.
There’s no reason whatsoever, just the feeling of being overwhelmingly tired.

It doesn’t involve undue exercise, workouts, running, or a lot of walking.
You may not have done anything out of the ordinary.
But you feel really tired, and cannot shake that feeling.

As you might deduce, I am feeling a bit tired tonight.

65 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Mercy, I hope all is better for you now… Lack of light gets to me and not being able to garden.. My thoughts are to just go to bed and wake in the Spring.. But, since the drive needs tending and my pup must go out I find something that makes me happy and run like a demon to hang on to it… Take care, Laura


  2. I think this time of the year is harder. I’m feeling my bones… The main thing is to keep going as much as we can. Do take lots of care, and perhaps a bit of rest (as long as Ollie allows) wouldn’t go amiss… And a hot chocolate


  3. Dear Pete — Tired is permitted …. Human beings tend to need their rest from time to time and they need more of it at some times than they do at other times. If it continues I would see the doctor but if it is a temporary thing or intermittent then — welcome to the human race. I too get these times of “Tiredness” and sometimes I think it is more boredom than actual physical fatigue. But I pray for your continued strength, joy, happiness and abundance of Life.


  4. P.S.
    I just read your post “Blogging fatigue” dated Feb. 16, 2015, Pete. Time for action and changes in order to stay a happy blogger, I’d say.
    You know we wrote about The dark side of blogging. It got an overwhelming response. Blogging is an energy killer for so many!
    Klausbernd and I share the work between us and with Siri and Selma as well, we can still cope. We are fortunate that we blog together. I can imagine that all the bloggers who work on their own, with a non-blogging partner at home, eventually are facing additional problems which are energy consuming as well.
    Dina x


  5. Dear Pete,
    this sounds like something that should be looked into. I have read the other comments and the answers, so I know you will.
    Happily, I can say today I don’t feel bone tired for no reason any longer, but I have a hard time behind with me badly charged batteries and it’s a pain and it took quite some time to get back to normal..
    You have my sympathy and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Fist my doc told me to chill and wrote me sick. Do some sport, be in the nature, do some therapy …
    I’m a perfectionist and not only nursing, but also photography and blogging drained me. No matter how much time invested, I never managed to revisit all the kind followers, to learn all the things I wanted, there was always a voice saying “you should do…”. I love reading, artwork, cooking, films and music and dogs and gardening and why do I spend so much time in front of the WP screen?
    I feel happy being outside with my camera, but if I want to use the photos for the blog, well, you know how much work is invested after a week in the Lakes … And it can always be improved, I have to say, “stop, this is it, it has to do.”
    After having confronted myself with my doings, I slowly got out of it. There has to be a good balance in your input and output as far as energy is concerned. Always make sure you have something on the agenda that puts a smile on your face and make you feel energetic. Klausbernd, Siri and Selma took care of this, lucky me. 🙂 Find ways to reduce actions that drain your energy. Like only being with people that do you good. 🙂 ❤
    What I did: I receive no notifications per E-Mail when my followers (7000) post something new. No notifications for likes, only comments. I always visit the reader and a few very dear bloggers like you and our mutual group, but only when I have time, so I miss a few post, but the good thing is, I don't feel bad about it, I feel energetic.

    Please forgive me, I don't intend to doctor you, Pete. Writing this is also helpful for me to remind me of the real life, what is truly important. I don't think regaining ones energy is a matter of medicine, it's a matter of attitude.

    A big hug for you and gentle stroke for Ollie,
    Dina x


  6. Well, I am frequently fatigued…but there are medical reasons. I would suggest, as another has, that you see a doc in the new year if you don’t improve, Pete


    1. Thanks, Pippa. As always, you are very kind.
      I do not feel very embracing or enriching just at the moment though. Hopefully it’s just a phase…
      You take care. You know I worry about you. xx


    1. Thanks for the link, Doug. The mention of loss of muscle mass is relevant, as I have lost a great deal of that from taking Statins for years.
      I don’t think I need a doctor just yet, for mind or body, but I appreciate the concern.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  7. Pete, I wake up tired! I think I could probably sleep for 24 hours and still be tired. I don’t mind so much when there is a cause like gardening or being out all day walking, or even feeling ill, but when there is no real excuse it is annoying. It can’t even be an ‘age’ thing as I have always been told that old folk don’t need as much sleep. Really? All I can say to that is I am obviously not old yet! Boredom?
    Anyway nighty night – I really should be in bed already!! My problem is that I am a night owl. And then I dream a lot!


      1. The body usually knows how to fix itself, if you need more sleep, then sleep. I think we who live in the northern hemisphere do have a tendency to sleep more in the winter. A kind of hibernation. I always feel more sluggish at this time of year.


  8. It could be a combination of the previous day’s diet (certain foods don’t contribute towards energy) and a restless night in bed. Sometimes, people toss and turn more than usual during REM sleep (maybe you dreamt that you were partying with Jamiroquai?), and this can wear a body out. I assume you got the usual seven or eight hours, so that would not be an issue. Anyway, like a small kidney stone, your fatigue will pass.


    1. It was a strange evening indeed, David. Spent feeling as if I was twice as heavy, like wearing a deep-sea diver’s suit. I have just got up after ten hours asleep, so will hopefully recover today.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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