Jamiroquai: The mystery solved

I promise that this will be the last post about Jamiroquai in 2016.

After the various posts concerning this group, starting some time back with the now-famous (no, it really is…) “Whatever happened to…”, views of that post continue to tumble in, and there is rarely a week when it doesn’t feature in my ‘top posts’ list.

Following a little detective work, and with help from fellow bloggers, I eventually found a link to this post, from somewhere I had never heard of. This tracked back to something called The Amp Project, which had posted a version of my article that people were clicking on, to read the original.

I managed to contact The Amp Project via Twitter, and received a reply before Christmas. It appears that this is a multi-platform blog hosting project, and it has access to the WordPress server, allowing for re-blogging in a format suitable for mobile devices, and other hardware that doesn’t require a laptop or PC to access the Internet.

One of the posts they chose to add onto their project was my Jamiroquai one, and that has generated the many views from readers who would not otherwise usually look at WordPress blogs.

So, mystery solved. You all feel better now, don’t you?


30 thoughts on “Jamiroquai: The mystery solved

  1. Good to have the mystery solved! Jamiroquai are still going strong with a new album due out next year, and an up to date Facebook presence and website, hopefully your ‘extra’ readers have found the same 😊


  2. Good news, & it’s about time! I’ve never heard of Amp(ersand), & will look into it. “I promise that this will be the last post about Jamiroquai in 2016.” So what about 2017, only a couple of days away? I’m sure Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice are anxious to hear moreβ€”& the rest of us, too! Sounds like a project to me…


  3. It’s nice when there’s a reasonable explanation for things.. I had a spike the other day of ‘views’ on a post that I’m pretty sure was bogus. Didn’t match my normal pattern of things.. (Some kind of spam referrer I think messing with my stats.) I like your conclusion much better! It’s good to have your post chosen for inclusion in the project! πŸ™‚


    1. Just random chance, Cindy. At least I am helping to keep interest in them going.
      I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday season. Thick fog and sleet here today, a sure sign that the festivities are almost over.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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