This is another of my seasonal posts on this subject. If you think you have seen something like it before on this blog, you are not mistaken.

Tomorrow is the traditional time to make a New Year resolution. To be determined to change something, abstain from something, or perhaps to embrace something new. All over the world people will be starting diets to try to lose weight, attempting to stop smoking, stop drinking, or to stop doing whatever makes them unhappy.

Many others will be embarking on something instead. A new job, a new relationship, learning to drive, going back into education, leaving a failed relationship, or trying to start a family. It might be a new hobby, deciding to do the travelling they had always promised themselves, or making up with old friends, and distant family members.

Something about January the first, at least in the western world, gets people motivated for change.

So what will I be planning? The short answer is nothing at all.

My personal experience of resolutions is that they didn’t work, at least for me. The date is quite frankly insignificant, because if you really want to stop doing something, you will. And it will be on whatever day that happens to be. The same applies to starting something. Why wait until the cold and dark days of January to do that?

When I was twenty-five, I stopped drinking alcohol. That lasted a good few years, until something happened to provide me with the excuse to start again. When I was forty, I stopped smoking. Not on the 1st of January though, it was on my birthday, in March. That lasted for just over six months, until that familiar reason to start again popped up. When I was forty-five, I made the huge decision to end my marriage at the time. But I didn’t wait until January, once again choosing my birthday as the moment to act. In September 2012, I gave up smoking. Well technically not really, as I replaced cigarettes with electronic vaping, so it was half-hearted. But it worked.

Since then, I have never made a resolution. Never promised myself to do something that was unlikely to happen. Instead, I accepted that I am generally irresolute.

So to all of you making a firm resolve today or tomorrow, I wish you luck.
But remember, the date is immaterial. Resolution is the only thing that counts.

A Happy New Year from Beetley.
My very best wishes to you all. Pete.


55 thoughts on “Irresolution

  1. Pete, a simple comment is merely needed on this one.. “No wonder we are such good friends, were the same mind…”

    I sleep through New Years Eve… and make not a single promise I don’t intend to keep.. advice from my grandfather… Take care, Laura


  2. I think you got the first paragraph wrong Pete. Giving up something that makes you unhappy is generally easier to do, it’s the things that make you happy that are difficult to give up. Smoking, drinking, eating πŸ™‚


  3. When the rubber meets the road, Pete, I guess all of us human beings are more or less irresolute when it comes to trying to change facets of our established comfort zones…. and what are resolutions for anyway if not to be broken …. which they are most of the time anyway …. Not to worry …. You are among friends and we are all pulling for one another and I suspect that we are all inveterate resolution breakers. LOL


  4. I don’t think I’ve ever made a proper New Year’s resolution either, although yes, I’ve made resolutions, some I’ve even stuck to (some for many years, some still going today). I agree the date is irrelevant. I guess it’s the state of mind, the motivation, and perhaps what you feel about keeping the resolution. Knowing thyself is a great thing, and some people never manage, so congratulations. And Happy 2017. Thanks for your comment, dear Pete.


  5. I too have little trust in new year’s resolutions so I rarely make them. I believe that whatever is important enough and needs to get done in your life should happen now and not some date in the future. The kinds of resolutions that need an inspirational date to start may never get done…. but that’s just me .. it may work for some .. πŸ™‚


  6. A couple of years ago I vowed to take a month off drinking alcohol, but left it until February to do so. Worked OK. Now we try to only have a glass or two of wine at the weekend, but we still probably are over the government recommended 12 units a week!


      1. You could try Wex photographic showroom in Norwich, Pete. Ask them to show you their “previously loved ones”, they come with warranty, the staff is very friendly. I went to the showroom with Adrian (Chillbrook) to get Lee filters and were amazed to see what they have in store, much more than they have on display. You can see their “used” articles online, if you want.
        All the best for 2017!


  7. I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution. I’ve always made plans throughout the year, though. Some come to fruition. Others don’t. Life is always throwing unexpected obstacles in my path, but a few opportunities pop up now and then as well. Happy New Year!


  8. Hideeho, Pete. My only goal is to strive to be positive and enjoy my life. I bought a townhouse and move in at the end of January. I’m going to Spain in June. I have a great job, a great mate, fine children, and grands. I love where I live. Why am I so damned querulous all the time? I hate that about myself. How does one reach a state of contentment when all the ingredients are staring at you in the face?
    Anyway, I drink too much wine and smoke a few fags a day. I reckon I ought to stop. But I’m not vowing to. Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year, Cindy. I also drink too much wine, but otherwise I am mostly content. Maybe it’s an age thing? When I was younger, I still had more fire in my belly, and thought I was missing out on things. These days, I realise that I have already done most of them.
      Have a great year, and enjoy that new house.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  9. Bravo, Pete! You say the words that most people feel and think. A New Year’s resolution is merely a “thing to do” because others do it. If and when a person wants to make a change, they will.

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  10. I went a long time not bothering to make a resolution, because I never held to them. I changed that in January of 2016 to be not having a comment on politics. Sure – I messed up now and then, speaking my mine and getting into trouble. But this year I think I’m going to try even harder on the same resolution!
    So – let’s have a party!!


  11. Well not a resolution as such but I have joined the “1000 miles 2017” and will be walking 3 miles a day to do it. I don’t do enough excercise and am hoping this will get me fitter. Of course you have a dog so this is no big thing for you! My camera will have to be my ‘dog’ !


    1. That’s pretty positive, FR, and comparatively easy to do. (Except in very bad weather)
      I do about 5-6 miles most days, (more in the summer) as long as I can bear to stay out for at least two hours. I have never thought of that in terms of a year though. It’s quite a lot when you look at it like that! Then again, they are all ‘flat’ miles, so some uphill would undoubtedly be better.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. haha well I’ll keep it in my pocket until I find a suitable thing to photograph πŸ™‚ I will be using my iPhone which has a handy app thingy that counts your steps and miles and will tie in nicely with my project for 2017! Cheers Ed. πŸ™‚

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