Yahoo Mail: Problems and irritations.

Just a short post to let you all know that I have been having lots of issues with my email address. It keeps telling me that my inbox is empty, and this has been going on for three days now. I am not sure if it is a Yahoo ‘glitch’, as it is virtually impossible to contact anyone there directly.

There is a short window of opportunity when I first log on, and I am able to see and answer emails. As soon as I delete anything, the rest disappears, occasionally popping up just to tease me! I am reluctant to use another email account just yet, as so much is connected to the Yahoo one, it would mean a lot of tiresome sorting out.

So if I have failed to reply to an email, missed a blog post, or anything else related to irritating problems with electronic communication, I apologise.
But it is really not my fault.

If you are reading this, Yahoo, please sort it out!


49 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail: Problems and irritations.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, and the information. I have not deleted my Yahoo account (yet). Instead, I have reverted to the old ‘Basic’ style of Yahoo Mail, which is less troublesome, but still displaying glitches on occasion. I doubt I will continue to use Yahoo for things like Blogging or online shopping in the long term though, as it is becoming too unreliable.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Pete, I know the pain it can be to sort out things when changing emails. These are the times I just miss the good old slow mailing system where you sent mail and weeks later you received a response. I think that is why I still have my landline telephone.. No Cell Phones with fancy gadgets to distract me. If, they want to call they can leave a message on my answering machine, which is not through my phone carrier, rather it’s a little black box, with red dials… I have to press play to hear the messages.. Indeed, my life is rather simple and I love it….Take care my friend.. Laura


  3. Dear Pete, I gave up on yahoo 9 years ago, when important work emails started disappearing. To be more exact, they were sent, but never reached me. Recently, I also think they’ve had security issues and a lot of accounts were hacked (I was still using the old yahoo email for some sites, but now changed everything and will delete the account). I opened a gmail account and simply migrated all my yahoo emails to the new account. It was easy, but it takes a couple of hours. Then, bye bye yahoo. This is my personal opinion, of course, since not everyone is friends with google, understandably so. I hope you manage to sort it out.


  4. yes same here ever time i go on yahoo mail its saying the is 23 open it up and the is 3 i get phone calls saying every time you go on yahoo mail your phone line going funny i do know the POLICE r telling me lies after my case was covered up for 7yr by dirty MR CAMERON they taking out all e/mail off every M.P i sent to the police say how do you know you had letters taking out of you yahoo acct they left open the boxes with the name on the top but no letter


    1. Strange how quickly I became dependent on blogging, and communication. I should be worried about that. Or maybe I should just be appreciating the ordinary things?
      But then I would never have had you as a friend.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I feel the same way. I had even thought how we would know if you or our virtual friends kick the bucket? We should have our significant others make a post when it happens. That is, if we can still blog in our 80s or 90s. šŸ˜‰


        1. I actually asked a friend to post if I died. I gave him the password, and basic instructions. But fate had other ideas, and he is dying of bone cancer, at 57! I will have to ‘nominate’ someone else to do my death notice! x


        2. Not to worry, Cindy, you couldn’t have known. Perhaps I am morbid in thinking about it in the first place, but I have also wondered what happens if I drop dead, and just stop posting or replying.
          I would hate to appear rude…
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. If only it was just my email system! I am having horrendous connection issues – can barely load one blog at a time let alone post anything or even view other blogs – took three attempts to load yours and you haven’t even got any photos on it! And then there is the issue of commenting – when I can get that far – often WP thinks I am not logged in! Oh, boy. I really do hope this is not the sign of things to come in 2017.


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