Being positive in 2017: Guest posts

As part of my desire to be more positive this year, I started with some blogging tips for those who have just started their own blogs. This was quite a popular post, and made me think once again about guest posts. The few I received last year were very popular. In some cases, they led to good blogging relationships, and new followers too. They are still being read now and again, including today.

So I am going to open up that invitation once again. I have had at least 200 new followers since the last round of guest posts, and those followers, as well as new bloggers, may not be aware of my previous offer. Here it is.

I will happily let anyone write a guest post for publication on this blog. There are only a few ‘rules’.
1) Under 2,000 words please. (Or there’s a chance it won’t be read)
2) Not too many images or photos. (They use up my allowance)
3) A warning for any swearwords or sexual content. (This may be edited)
4) Nothing intentionally offensive to any race, minority, or group.
5) No attempt to sell anything. Whether that is blogging services, books, or even ladders!

So here is your chance to have your thoughts, fiction, film reviews, hobbies, ideas, poetry, or simple musings on life seen by 1,200 followers, as well as being shared on Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin. I assure you that there is nothing in it for me, I just really want to help others in the wider blogging community.

Please send any submissions to

My best wishes to you all. Pete.

22 thoughts on “Being positive in 2017: Guest posts

  1. This is a great opportunity Pete. I was one of the very fortunate ones that had an item posted on your site last time. It went really well and was one of my most read posts. I got some lovely comments and feedback. Thanks again for letting me take part.


  2. Pete, what a wonderful idea and very kind of you to do for other bloggers to be seen in this wide world of blogging. Have a most delightful day and keep smiling, it causes folks around you to wonder what you’ve been up too.. wink…

    Take care, Laura


      1. No, silly. I’ll be a guest on your blog. Let’s review a film together. How about one of your foreign films? Or an old classic the young’ins haven’t seen but should have? How about M or the Third Man? Forgive me. Too much coffee this morning. 🙂


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