Welcome to Martinique, and Albania

One of the sheer joys of blogging, is seeing where in the world people read your posts.

I have been enthralled by Brunei, Tonga, remote islands, and places as obscure as Nepal.

Today, my blog was viewed for the first time by people in Martinique, and Albania. Two countries that couldn’t be more different. And ones that have never appeared on my stats before.

So I say ‘Welcome’. The global wonder of the Internet continues, unabated.

My best wishes to you all, wherever you are. Pete.


14 thoughts on “Welcome to Martinique, and Albania

  1. I assume your French-speaking and Albanian-speaking followers have a solid grasp of English, which has become the de facto world language. I would have thought Brunei, a tiny country on the island of Borneo, and Tonga, a tiny South Pacific island, would be considered more obscure than Nepal, which is famous for Mt. Everest and all those furry (and elusive) yetis… Anyway, congratulations on reaching the four corners of the Earth. If you ever run out of countries, and the humans that inhabit them, there’s always Europa, that Galilean moon that is off limits to humans, because that’s where the aliens live. Remember, as stated by the monolith-builders, “ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS—EXCEPT EUROPA. ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE.” We can’t land there, but the aliens who live there are allowed to follow your blog, right?


    1. It is not the geographical obscurities of the countries, as much as their rare appearances as places where someone has read my blog. As for Europa, I do have avid followers there. I am just not allowed to tell anyone about them…
      Best wishes, Pete.


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