Singing in Heaven: Billy O’Neill

If there is a Heaven, you can bet my dearly departed friend will be performing there. After my recent post about his sad loss, I found these two videos on You Tube. Rocking in one, mellow in the other.

He could rock a Gretsch and Telecaster, or lull us with an acoustic. These are fairly recent films, and it’s great to remember him with a guitar in his hand.

Something positive, after all the sadness.

Thanks to Ian, for putting them on You Tube.




24 thoughts on “Singing in Heaven: Billy O’Neill

  1. Not a band that will be everyones cup of tea but The Dark are referenced by so many bands. I kept trying to get Bill to come to an open mic night so I could try and have a jam with him… I shouldn’t have been so cool and just asked him outright to jam. Maybe in another time & place.


    1. Good to see you and have that chat today, Jimmy.
      Got a puncture and shredded a tyre on the way home. Ended up stuck on the A11 waiting for a low-loader, and didn’t get back here until 23:30!
      Cheers, Pete/


  2. I used to listen to this musician and thank you for telling us a bit about Billy. I sometimes don’t know very much about the ones I listen to, not like the old days when you had albums and studied them. 🙂 Robin


    1. Thanks very much, Olga. His funeral is on the 31st. I confess that I am not looking forward to that day. January is not starting out too well, and it is increasingly hard to remain positive. But I will.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Pete, Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post with us. What a wonderful voice and guitarist. One day at a time my friend, it’s like a rough sea in the ocean at times, waves pounding your heart. But, the sun will shine and warm your face, along with the suns glare to distract your thoughts for a time. We are sailors on a sea of lost loved ones.

    Take care my friend,



  4. Pete, I lost sound on my computer over a month ago, so until the problem is resolved (hopefully, later this month), I won’t be able to listen to this music. But I wanted to “like” the page, anyway.


  5. Thanks for linking to those, Pete, they reminded me what a multi talented man he was. I’m sure I recollect watching a VHS video at C4 of Bill playing in a band. I could be wrong; my memory isn’t what it was – and it was always bad!


    1. Your memory is fine Ian. We did watch a video of a much younger Bill playing in a band. They had a recording contract back then, I believe, and were on tour. The video was a promotional clip for the new release. My memory fails me on the name of the group though!
      Cheers mate. Pete.


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