Staying positive, with difficulty

I promised to stay positive in 2017.

Regular readers will note that it is already the 11th of January, and there hasn’t been a single post complaining about the weather. Despite losing my Aunt in December, and one of my best friends last Friday, I have tried to see the bright side of everything, even though I now have two funerals to attend before the end of this month alone.

And in March (all being well) I will reach the significant age of 65, not something I particularly relish. Still, it is Julie’s birthday on Saturday, and I have arranged for us to go somewhere nice for a meal, booked taxis for the journey, and got her a gift that she actually wants too.

See, I am staying positive.

If I was the old me, the 2016 me, I might have been complaining about walking with Ollie in thick mud. I may well have mentioned it being dark in the gloom by 3pm, and the heavy rain making it most unpleasant to walk around our normal routes. But I didn’t, because I am being positive. That old me would have been worrying about the snow and ice forecast for Thursday into Friday, and the accompanying traffic problems. I would no doubt have been concerned about the taxi being able to navigate the roads at the weekend, or the bad weather hanging on until the following week, when I have to drive a long way to that first funeral.

But no. I didn’t mention any of that. I am sure that everything will work out fine.

Isn’t it great, being positive?

58 thoughts on “Staying positive, with difficulty

  1. Yes, it is great being positive. It is infectious, and that’s a good thing. When I turned 64, my greatest joy was singing the Beatles song, “When I’m 64” to everyone who asked how old I was. What a delightful birthday year. Music is a positive thing. Positive is powerful. Best to you, Pete. Really.


  2. You are getting sneaky in your old age, eh? We now know for sure that no alien has replaced our own BeetleyPete – he’s alive and well and complaining about the weather!!! 🙂


  3. My birthday is Friday. Jim is taking me out to a fab German restaurant, very elegant. We are going with friends. I think it will be great. It is supposed to rain here. A big storm from California is crossing over. Life is good. Happy Birthday, Julie.


  4. I have just moved the van to the top of the hill as we are expecting another 4 or 5 inches of snow tonight. That to sit on top of the compacted 15 inches of snow that now make our road. Heavy winds are also forecast and more snow for the weekend. We have a wedding t go to, who knows if we will make it. At least once there, if we make it, we have a hotel room for the night. Friends are looking after the animals, but again only if they can make it to us. -12c forecast for tonight so at least it’s warming up!
    Hope that helps you feel a bit more positive Pete 🙂


  5. Ha, I love that the “old you” is nowhere to be found, but thanks for letting us know what he would have done HAD he been with us…and 2017 is going to be a great year, even with the setbacks…


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