An appeal for Blogging help

I am asking all of you experienced bloggers out there for some help with a small problem. My blogging friend, Nandia, is having some issues with the visibility of the Facebook button on her site. As a follower, I can see the Facebook sharing button on all of her posts. It is plain to see, with the number of shares highlighted nicely inside.

However – and this is a strange one – she cannot see it herself. Despite being the site administrator, when she looks at her own blog the Facebook button is not there, even though it is visible to others. It is like some weird magic trick, and is understandably causing her feelings of frustration.

Now I have scanned the Settings and Publicize hints on WordPress, but cannot find any good reason why she should not be able to see her own Facebook button. I also sent a Help request into WordPress forums recently, but had no feedback at all. So I am turning to you good people out there, hoping that you can help me to help my friend. This is a link to her site, so you can have a look for yourselves.

If you have any ideas or tips, even crazy ones, please let me know in the comments. Or alternatively, let Nandia know by commenting on one of her posts. It is a puzzle indeed, and you know how we love to solve a puzzle!

Thanks in advance, from both Pete and Nandia.

38 thoughts on “An appeal for Blogging help

  1. Posts from a blog should transfer automatically to Facebook if the blogger has activated the feature called “Publicize” which can be found on the admin page. Other than that, if the blogger will go to the “Sharing” page under admin and look at all the sharing buttons listed for activation, the Facebook button is there among them. What needs to be done is for the blogger who wishes to allow other people to share his or her posts on their own facebook pages is to drag and drop the facebook button shown into the area where it says to drop it if it is to be shown to readers. Do not hide it along with a bunch of other buttons even though that option exists on the sharing page. When I look at her blog I see the facebook share page and it says that the post has been shared 22 times.


    1. Thanks, John. Your comment and advice is much appreciated.
      I have told Nandia that we can all see that information, but for some reason she is unable to view it herself. It remains something of a mystery.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Dear Pete, thank you so much for taking the trouble! I just read the post and tried to reply directly to some of the comments in my blog, but using only approximately half an eye at this time, it’ll have to wait a bit, I’m afraid, before I check all the replies to your post. The strange thing is that the Facebook button disappears only when I switch to the ‘official buttons’ option of wordpress. If I stick to the ‘icon and text’ option of the button, then I can see the button under the post, but no share numbers whatsoever! But what you did was incredibly kind, and I am grateful you keep me in your thoughts. I hope that eyesight will be better by the end of the week โ€“ meanwhile, I will bookmark your post. Again, a million thanks!


  3. I do use Facebook and also have the sharing button available on my posts. It seems to me I had a similar problem before, where I couldn’t always see the FB button depending on how I was looking the blog. It now seems to be resolved, and shows up properly from whatever page I view a post. I don’t know if your friend is using the free service or some form of premium plan. I upgraded not too long ago to get more space for my photos and as a result got WP support available by chat. I have sought their help numerous times since then and gotten very good answers to particular questions almost immediately.


      1. Sure thing ๐Ÿ™‚ just one more thought… if I remember correctly, even when I couldn’t see the button when viewing a post on the blog home page, I seemed to be able to see it as Administrator on the Dashboard under Publish, Blog Posts, then View, where individual blog posts were displayed and could also be edited. That was my workaround.


        1. Dear Susanne, thank you for the advice. I tried it (admin/dashboard etc) but I see all the information except the sharing buttons (any of them!). I just see the option whether to allow posts to be liked and to show the sharing buttons, which is always on in my site.

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    1. I am unsure if you can like comments on my blog. My only way of liking comments is via the admin notifications. I suspect that I have missed a checkbox…(But you could try your own notifications, and see if it pops up there.)
      Best wishes, Pete.


          1. Ah, yes, sorry I forget to mention that! And I don’t know if it applies retrospectively to posts already published so you / David might need to see what happens on a new post. I have no idea about the FB issue. I have it on my posts – also from the sharing settings – and it appears underneath though I have never seen any numbers on it like I did on Nandia’s blog. I don’t know why she can’t see it herself. Mystery!

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        1. Heyjude, I returned to beetleypete just now and I see that, indeed, your directions were spot on. As I’d suspected, it was just a matter of time before the “like” feature was activated. THANK YOU so much for your help. I can now “like” comments here and elsewhere. And THANK YOU, Pete!

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  4. Try logging out, i.e. don’t view as an administrator or indeed with any wordpress account. ( or open a browser page ‘In private’) If you see the FB link then it’s nothing more than a glitch and probably solved with the next patch. Also maybe try a different theme, this will at least determine if its theme related or not.


      1. Pete, amazing! I just checked the blog from the iPad, and you were right!!! I can see the button with the proper share numbers within. Thank you ever so much, who would have thought…I still cannot explain why they disappeared from the computer (whether viewing the blog as an admin or not), it just doesn’t make any sense. I even tried switching back to google chrome (I recently changed to firefox), but the result was exactly the same. But, tried the iPad, and boom! numbers appear. Thank you very very much.

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    1. Dear Eddy, logging out was the first thing I tried. The result was exactly the same. Which is why I was surprised that Pete, as well as everyone else can see the share numbers within the button! I also tried switching browsers, with the same result. I wouldn’t go as far as changing the theme, since I am particularly fond of it, but thank you for the advice anyway.


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