Jamiroquai: I can’t resist another one

Despite the new year; despite my blogging slump and lack of posts, it continues.

The phenomenon that is my post “Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai” continues to amaze and impress.

Daily views continue unabated, and stats for those posts pile up, regardless of my lack of other activity.

Some things obviously just go on and on. And this is one of them.

So once again, I thank you, unknown fans of that band. You keep my blog going, in spite of my moment of ‘downtime’, and continue to ask after the fate of this currently little-known British group.

If only I had known, I would have published those posts a couple of years earlier.

Keep it coming. You are all welcome.


23 thoughts on “Jamiroquai: I can’t resist another one

  1. Perhaps, it’s your talent with words that keep Jamiroquai in the spotlight.. I love this and hope it continues, along with the missing socks.. When I need a moment to smile , that is now my go to for reading.. hugs


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