A dull day for photos


Today started out bright and sunny. But as was to be expected, by the time I got out with my camera it was dull and overcast, with rain predicted for this evening. I took some photos anyway.

Some of the spring flowers are trying to sneak through, no doubt encouraged by recent mild temperatures.

Ollie wasn’t at all interested, so decided to snack on some juicy grass instead.

This fallen branch has been invaded by moss and fungus already.

During the last few months, many trees have had their roots weakened by flooding. This one has fallen into the small river, and has been left to nature.

The mud is still around, though the temperatures are forecast to drop considerably by next weekend. It was a pleasant enough walk, despite grey skies, and flat light.


41 thoughts on “A dull day for photos

  1. It still looks better than here, Pete. But you’re right. Today it was raining and then sunny and I thought I might manage a reasonable walk later on (I have to fit some writing in before I go out) and now it’s cloudy again. Oh well…


  2. Snowdrops! I haven’t seen any since. And because of the mild weather I am worried my tulips won’t grow, they apparently like the cold… I do have one or two crocuses emerging and some dwarf daffodils which are very cheery šŸ™‚ Nice to see Ollie having a good old sniff.


  3. You could have taken black and white photos, thereby painting the landscape in 50 shades of grey (with the option of going 50 shades darker).

    I particularly liked the moss and fungus photo. I don’t know that taking photos on an overcast day is necessarily a bad thing. You don’t have to worry about the photo being too dark or too washed out, or about extreme lighting contrasts. (Of course, maybe your camera can handle those situations well.)

    It’s not raining in the valley today, but snow is falling in the mountains to the north (Sheep Range) and west (Spring Mountains), adding to significant previous snowfall.


    1. Thanks, David. All this green and brown around here can look very flat on a dull day. That’s why I looked for the moss and the small flowers, to add something bright.
      In an urban landscape, dull weather can add mood or atmosphere to shots. But in Beetley it just makes everything look like camouflage!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. yes, nice to see the land you walk, pretty flowers and good to see Ollie being doggy. Here we did have sun for a little while this morning, but then it all went to ratshit and now the wind is howlerating and wind it be blowing a hooley! Bonkers.


  5. Thank you for sharing the spring like photos. We got 8+ inches of snow overnight. So, the spring like photos are most welcome. Iā€™m with thoughtsallsorts in liking the one with moss and fungus on the end of the log best. Again, with thoughtsallsorts I think they are all beautiful.
    You are having the kind of weather we are supposed to be having. But, someone gave the snow wrong directions, again, this season.
    Warmest regards, Theo


    1. Thanks very much, John. He wouldn’t look up though…
      Were you happy with the Patriot’s win? Or too busy eating a twinkie stadium?
      I discovered that it was actually on TV here, around 3 am. No point in me watching it though, as I wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Pete, the Patriots are hated by many football fans as they’ve been caught twice in the past few years cheating. The Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Tom Brady was actually suspended for the first 4 games this years for being caught cheating in last year’s playoffs…that said, they staged the biggest comeback in history, and if you like sports, you got your money’s worth! No Twinkies for me, however – I post those stories, I don’t eat them!

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